Super Creamy Cheese Wheel Pasta

Daily Drool #18 : Super Creamy Cheese Wheel Pasta

You might think you’ve had the best Italian food you could ever taste, but that’s before you set your eyes on this creamy cheese wheel pasta dish. Think of your life as pre-cheese wheel pasta and post-cheese wheel pasta. It’s a revelation.

What exactly is this cheesy carb creation?

Basically, the pasta is cooked by the chefs and then finished off at the table by the waiting staff as you look on drooling into your napkin. They swirl the pasta around a wheel of Parmesan to coat it in the cheese.

The idea is that the heat will slowly melt the cheese on the edge of the wheel, thus coating the pasta to perfection.

You get to sit and watch as your creamy cheese wheel pasta becomes even cheesier table side…


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The dish is pretty common in Italian restaurants around the world, but you’ll find this exact version in Pierò Ristorante in Italy.

The beauty here is that you don’t have to choose just one type of pasta or one type of cheese. They mix it up with lots of different varieties meaning you will have every excuse to come back over and over again.


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Creamy Cheese Wheel Pasta

The only problem we can see with this restaurant is choosing just one of the many amazing dishes to order… They all look seriously tasty.

Creamy Cheese Wheel Pasta

The sheer creaminess of the pasta get even silkier by the cheese melting and coating the pasta. Just to be extra sure they generously pour over extra olive oil as well.


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This is a trend that is starting to catch on, with restaurants serving pasta this way around the world. Who wouldn’t want to have this?!

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