Endangered destinations in Europe

7 Endangered Destinations To Visit In Europe Before They Disappear

Here’s seven beautiful endangered travel destinations in Europe to visit before they disappear… You’ll fall in love with the magic and wonder of Mother Nature over and over again.

Seeing as these places are in need of salvation, however, if you visit you’ll want to ensure you’re respecting local laws and regulations. Tread lightly, reduce your impact where you can, and if you’ve got the time, give back to local charities and organisations. Travel isn’t just about seeing as much of the world as possible, it’s about making an impact on it as you do. That’s especially important in a post-lockdown world.

Endangered Destinations in Europe

1. Venice Canals – Venice, Italy

For years, it’s been widely understood that Venice is sinking. And, while there’s more to the issue than the buildings simply “sinking” into the surrounding waters, in 2019, something pretty devastating happened. A tidal surge, combined with high winds, caused the Italian city to flood. Tourists still visited, but it dealt a huge blow (over a billion Euros to be exact) to the city’s homes and most historic sites. Water levels were the highest they’ve been since 1966.

2. Stadium at Olympia – Olympia, Greece

As the name suggests, this Greek city was home to the first-ever Olympic Games in 776 BC. And, despite it being one of the country’s most well-known and well-preserved historical sites, things have been heating up in recent years. Dry, hot summers have caused wildfires that have roared through the area. They’re getting closer and closer to the ruins, meaning that if you want to experience a true slice of this history, you’ll want to do it soon.

3. Bordeaux’s Wine Country – Bourdeaux, France

First, we lose all of our world’s natural wonders to climate change. Then, we can’t even indulge in wine to help ease the pain? Talk about a double whammy. Climate change has recently caused major shifts in Bourdeaux’s wine country. Experts believe that within the next 40 years, it could lead to a two-thirds decrease in production. While winemakers are moving vineyards to places such as Kent, England, it’s just not the same.

4. European Alps Glaciers – Switzerland

Sure, scientists have proven that glaciers go through large-scale cycles of melting and freezing over and over again. However, at the end of the last Ice Age, the Swiss Alps began to melt and then sped up at an alarming rate beginning in the 1980s. And, while this makes for beautiful, crystal clear lakes that are alluring to visit, it’s not so great for locals. If snow avalanches fall into the lakes it could cause high tidal waves to tear through nearby villages.

Endangered Travel Destinations To Visit Before They Disappear

5. White Cliffs of Dover – Kent, England

Climate change has hit this area of England especially hard. The impressive, photogenic White Cliffs of Dover are reportedly eroding nearly ten times faster than in the past thousand years. Why? Climate change has caused an increase in severe storms that are weathering away at the seaside cliffs. Factor in ocean acidification and it could spell the end of the cliffs for good by the end of the century.

Endangered destinations in Europe

6. Historic Centre of Vienna – Vienna, Austria

The historic centre of Vienna is one of the very few European destinations on the World Heritage Committee’s list of World Heritage sites that are in danger. Although rich in architectural ensembles, including some fascinating Baroque castles, the famous city centre is in danger. How? Glitzy, modern skyscrapers and other new construction threaten the authenticity of the city centre. It’s true that Vienna could lose its historic charm throughout the next few decades, so it’s best to visit now.

Endangered destinations in Europe

7. Zahara de la Sierra – Spain

This scenic village in the province of Cádiz is famous for its pretty whitewashed houses, lush trees, olive groves and orchards, and was once a Nazari border fortress.  Its present-day name comes form the Arabic “zahra” meaning “flower’ and in 1983 it was declared a Village of Historical and Artistic Importance. However, its wildlife and greenery is slowly declining as temperatures rise with higher than average annual rainfall.

Endangered destinations in Europe

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