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Enjoy An Epic Stay In India’s 500 Year Old Palace Turned Hotel

Tucked away in the wild and rugged countryside of India‘s largest state, Rajasthan lies the opulent Samode Palace. Coming in at nearly 500 years old, it’s one of India’s many royal masterpieces. Samode Palace began as a fort in the 16th century and protected the surrounding area for 200 years until it was revamped. In the early 19th century, the fortress was repurposed into what we see today. And it’s all thanks to Jaipur’s then PM, Rawal Sheo Singh. Designed as a luxurious resort for the royal family, Samode Palace is complete with all the glamourous fixin’s you’d expect. And guess what? You can book a room at this immaculate Indian palace. Yep, that’s right. In 1987 it was converted to lodging meaning you can live like Rajasthani royalty in *the* Samode Palace-turned-hotel.

samode palace india

Live Like A King In India’s Samode Palace Hotel

Despite being sprawled across remote hills, the palace is just 40 kilometres from Jaipur, making it surprisingly easy to reach. Guests can experience all the palace’s former glory and extravagance while wandering the grounds many sites. Namely, Samode Bagh; this stunningly beautiful garden was built in the 16th century along with the fort and is spread over 20 acres. Stroll by the fountains, wander at the sprawling flower beds and admire the Victorian flare – this garden has it all. Art buffs will fall in love with the immaculate frescoes of Darbar Hall dating back more than 200 years and then there’s the House of Mirrors which is just as amazing as it sounds. Architecture fiends will enjoy wandering the endless halls and foyers that celebrate the unique Indo-Saracenic style. Each room is more elaborate than the last with intricate carvings throughout, luxurious furniture and flowing silk drapes at every turn.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a truly regal experience, there’s a spa complete with healing massages and rejuvenating facials. Once you finish at the spa, there’s an enormous pool with gorgeous mosaics and crystal clear waters perfect to laze around in. Hungry? There are two world-class restaurants with everything from European staples to Asian delicacies.

samode palace india hotel

What we’re getting at here is the Samode Palace is the real deal. It’s not only a hotel but way to experience how India’s royalty lived at the height of their era. While this space has gone from fort, to palace, to now hotel, it serves as a reminder of India’s ever-evolving history. Whether you’re looking to explore the nation’s history or indulge in a little relaxation – or both, Samode Palace is the place to be. Find all the accommodation information you need for an epic royal stay right here.

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