essential Filipino phrases

7 Essential Filipino Phrases You’ll Hear In The Philippines

Wondering what language people speak in the Philippines? There’s different dialects, but the main languages spoken here are Tagalog and English. Before you brush up on your Filipino slang words, master the basics with these essential Filipino phrases.

You’ll fit right in once you know how to say these greetings and sayings…

Essential Filipino Phrases

1. Magandang araw! = Good day!

Magandang araw is the general greeting across the Philippines, which means “beautiful day.”

Filipino phrases

2. Salamat = Thank you

Filipinos are famous for their warm hospitality, so knowing how to say ‘thank you’ is a must.

Filipino phrases

3. Ang sarap = It’s delicious

You’ll find yourself saying this phrase over and over again when you eat the food in the Philippines!

Filipino phrases

4. Magkano? = How much?

This is an essential Filipino phrase to learn off when visiting local markets.

Filipino numbers:

  • Isa (i-sa) / 1
  • Dalawa (da-la-wa) / 2
  • Tatlo (tat-lo) / 3
  • Apat (a-pat) /4
  • Lima (lee-ma) / 5
  • Anim (a-neem) / 6
  • Pito (pee-toh) / 7
  • Walo (wa-lo) / 8
  • Siyam (see-yam) / 9
  • Sampu (sam-poo) / 10

5. Kumusta? = How are you?

This greeting phrase is taken from the Spanish words “como estas?”

6. Para po = Stop here

Say this when you want your taxi driver or jeepney to stop so you can get out.

7. Paalam = Goodbye

You’ll hear locals shouting this at each other as they go their separate ways.

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