essential experiences in Italy

Essential Travel Experiences To Have In Italy

Italy is one of the world’s best destinations thanks to its rich culture, history and cuisine.

These are the best experiences to have in Italy. From seeing some of the best art in the world to incredible freshly-made pasta, your time in Italy isn’t complete until you’ve checked off these items.

Essential Experiences to Have in Italy

1. Explore the Ruins of Rome

Rome’s many ruins are some of the city’s most popular attractions with good reason. The ancient structures are some of the most famous in the world. They’re also the last remanents of one of the world’s greatest civilizations to ever exist. Explore the ruins and the Colosseum with a guide so you won’t miss any of the best sights or the interesting history.

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2. Eat and Drink the Italian way

From leisurely meals to incredible views and ambiance, Italian dining is taken to another level in Italy. Order deliciously fresh pastas, breads, seafood and vegetables topped with renowned cheeses. Everything is made with care, which only heightens the flavourful dishes.

Not to mention, the wonderful wine that is made and served in Italy too. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself having trouble removing yourself from the table.

essential Italian experiences

3. See Capri

Capri is Italy’s best-known island thanks to its dramatic cliffs and amazingly blue sea. Wander the villages and paths to breathtaking views or enjoy a scenic lunch polished off with limoncello. Book an excursion to the Blue Cave, and don’t forget to take a dip in the clear waters too.

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4. Travel Through Tuscany

Florence is the most popular city in Tuscany with good reason. It’s beautiful, culturally rich and offers tons of wonderful dining. While it’s fun to explore the city, it’s also important to see the countryside. So, hop in a car and go for a drive among the rolling hills.

essential Italian experiences

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