Fashion Exhibitions London 2020

7 Must-See Fashion Exhibitions Coming To London In 2020

London is known for its sense of style of and powerful influence on the world of creative fashion. Leading the industry in global style, it’s no wonder that there’s some amazing fashion exhibitions in London in 2020.

Whether you’re into quirky designers such as Tim Walker or household names like Prada, London will see it all this year. Here are the best fashion exhibitions coming to the bustling UK capital.

Fashion Exhibitions In London 2020

1. Wonderful Things – Tim Walker

Whimsical and imaginative photographer Tim Walker is holding an exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum this winter. Known by the likes of W and Vogue, Walker is one of the leading names in creative fashion today. Wonderful Things offers backstage insight into his creative process. The exhibition will also feature ten new series of photographs.

Where: Victoria and Albert Museum

When: March 8th

image: Victoria & Albert Museum

2. Bags: Inside Out – V & A

Handbag enthusiasts need not look further than the Bags: Inside Out Exhibition. This bag display will showcase the changing styles of handbags over the centuries from the Middle Ages to the present day. Varied iconic pieces such as Churchill’s despatch box and Kim K’s Louis Vuitton will be on display. 

Where: Victoria and Albert Museum

When:  Now – April 25th

image: Victoria & Albert Museum

3. 50 Years Of Fabulous – Zandra Rhodes

London’s famous Fashion and Textile Museum is currently celebrating half a century of acclaimed designer Zandra Rhodes fashion. This exhibit displays 50 of her most iconic looks in addition to 30 textiles. 50 Years Of Fabulous is sure to impress with Rhodes’ loud and vibrant patterns and is an excellent celebration of her work. Admirers of sixties Britain shouldn’t miss out on this fab exhibition.

Where: Fashion and Textile Museum

When: Now – January 26th

image: The Protagonist Magazine

4. The Boutique In 1960’s Counterculture – Beautiful People

Beautiful People are slated to explore the blurred boundaries of the ’60s with their upcoming exhibit. The Boutique In 1960’s Counter Culture will explore the designs and fashion statements that set a new era of style in what is one of the most iconic decades. Pieces famously worn by The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix will be on display. 

Where: Fashion and Textile Museum

When: July 3rd – October 4th

image: Fashion and Textile Museum

5. Front And Back – Prada

Prada is set to make strides with their upcoming Front And Back exhibition. Set to be the first major expo dedicated entirely to them, you won’t want to miss it. Be ready for a firsthand look at Prada’s story and their creative approach to high fashion. The event will showcase the brand’s most iconic pieces and will surely be the talk of the town. 

Where: Design Museum

When: September – ongoing

Fashion Exhibitions London 2020
image: Wonderland Magazine

6. Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk – V & A

The Victoria & Albert Museum is sure to impress with their upcoming Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk exhibit. The display will showcase the many different periods of the kimono, proving its timelessness. Paying homage to traditional Japanese dress, it will cover the social and cultural significance of the garment which has spanned centuries.

Where: Victoria & Albert Museum

When: February 29th –  June 21st

Fashion Exhibitions London 2020
image: Japan Forward

7. Mary Quant – V & A

Head to the V & A to see their curated retrospective of iconic Mary Quant. Known for her era-defining pieces such as the mini skirt and colourful tights, Mary Quant was truly a legend. The exhibition will display over 200 pieces that explore the years between 1955-1975. Don’t miss this chance to get a firsthand look at one of Britain’s most influential fashion designers.

Where: Victoria & Albert Museum 

When: Now – February 5th

Fashion Exhibitions London 2020

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