7 Best Instagrammable Spots In Florence

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Florence

Florence is one of the great tourist cities of the world, with beautiful things to see around every single corner.

As the gateway to the scenic region of Tuscany, it is also home to countless pieces of Renaissance art and architecture. If you love art, culture, great food and taking breathtaking Instagram shots then this is the perfect Italian city for you.

The Best Florence Instagram Spots

1. The Duomo

One of the most impressive structures in the world to look at today, and that’s before you discover it took close to 150 years to build and is made using over 4 million bricks. This is the one Instagram photo you can’t afford to miss when in Florence.


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2. Mercato Centrale

Nothing beats the buzz and colour of an Italian market. Come early in the morning, grab some fresh fruit and just enjoy the wonderful energy of the place.


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3. Ponte Vecchio

This is quite possibly the most iconic shot of the city, and also one of the most famous bridges in the world. Although you can get some great shots while on the bridge itself the best views are from the net bridge, looking back.


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4. San Miniato Al Monte

This is home to a beautiful old church, but really you are making the hike up for for the wonderful panoramic views of the city spreading out in front of you. The perfect Florence Instagram spot.


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5. Boboli Gardens

One of the most beautiful places from early spring onwards. You get views over the city while also peering out into the gorgeous Tuscan countryside. As romantic a spot as you are every likely to find.


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6. Statue Of David

You’ll have to be ready to queue no matter what time of the day you come at, but this piece by Michelangelo is instantly recognisable by anybody around the world and will light up your Insta feed.


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7. Piazza della Repubblica

One of the most glamorous spaces in the city where it almost feels like you are walking into the front cover of a magazine shoot. The square really comes to life in the evenings, as locals and tourists gather for Aperitivo.


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