Get Paid $1,000 to Binge Watch Wanderlust Inspired Movies

With millions around the world dealing with new covid-19 restrictions and even new lockdowns, the travel bug is strong. Due to this year’s virus restrictions and stay at home orders, many have turned to a whole host of travel docs, online experiences and foreign films to “travel from home.” If you’re one who has enjoyed making the best of this year by indulging in worldly-adventure style movies, we’ve got something just for you. Thanks to a recent initiative, you could get paid $1,000 to watch wanderlust inspired movies.

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image: Eat Pray Love

Earn $1,000 by Binge Watching Travel Movies

The travel site Upgraded Points is looking to pay one lucky person $1,000 buckaroos to pop some popcorn, sit back and watch a few travel films. Each movie is set in an inspirational place to evoke some serious travel envy. The participant will need to focus on scenery, themes and characters. Upgraded Points’ ideal participant will have a true love for travel and exploration, combined with a passion for cinema.

Each participant will need to watch the nine movies in a relatively short amount of time. Don’t worry, though. These are some of the best wanderlust movies in history. We’re talkin’ Under the Tuscan Sun; Eat, Pray, Love; Raiders of the Lost Ark; National Lampoon’s Vacation; Out of Africa; Catch Me If You Can; Midnight in Paris; The Italian Job; Murder On The Orient Express. From Midnight in Paris’ charming literary romance to the wild Peruvian adventures in Raiders of the Lost Ark, the assignment is the ultimate recipe for some armchair travel.

image: Midnight in Paris

Applicants will need to send in their information by December 4th and will be notified if they got the gig by December 10th. Applicants must be US Citizens, at least 18 years old, active on social media and able to binge the movies in the given timeframe. To move your app to the top of the list, you’ll need to show your enthusiasm for travel. Where would be your first post-pandemic travel destination? How about your favourite trip of all time? Favourite travel movie? Answer these questions to make yourself shine.
Fill out the form here and cross your fingers!

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