7 Good Things That Have Happened Despite The Coronavirus

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has shaken the world and is continuing to grow. Despite this, the virus has proven that even in the worst of times, humanity will band together. Here are seven good things that have happened during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Good Things That Have Happened Despite The Coronavirus

1. Italian Singers

Despite being severely affected by the Coronavirus with over 23,000 active cases, the Italian spirit cannot be broken. The country is in a nationwide lockdown following the surge in Coronavirus, which means everyone is indoors. So, what did Italians do to turn their lemons into lemonade? They sang from their balconies. In no time at all, apartment complexes and small communities were ringing with patriotic Italian songs and beautiful accordion tunes.



2. Elderly-Only Hours At Australian Supermarket Chain

With panic buying taking over groceries around the world, many elderly have been unable to get the supplies they need to stay isolated. Persons over 50 and those that are immune-compromised are most at risk during this pandemic. In an effort to be sure that they can get the groceries and supplies they need, Woolworth’s has implemented an ‘Elderly-Only Hour.’ Many other grocery chains are following suit to help protect vulnerable groups during this crisis.

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3. Spanish Applause

With Spain in complete lockdown at nearly 10,000 Coronavirus cases, citizens have been ordered to stay home for two weeks. However, Spain wanted to show their support for those in the medical field, namely the countless doctors and nurses risking their lives in the wake of the crisis. So they, like the Italians, took to their balconies.

All across major cities and several small pueblos, people clapped on their balcony in appreciation. The rounds of applause all but shook the cities and certainly brought more than a few tears to the eye.

4. Free Hand Sanitizer At Local Scottish Shop

Asiyah and Jawad Javed are owners of a small corner shop in Falkirk. After they noticed an elderly woman in tears because the local supermarket was sold out of handwash and hand sanitizer, they decided they must do something. The pair spent 2,000 pounds to give away free masks and hand sanitizer to the elderly. The young couple’s act of generosity has inspired many others to do the same. For example, local distilleries around the world are using their spirits to create freehand gel amid the shortage.

image: This Much I Know News/Facebook

5. Free Streaming Of Opera From The Met Opera

The Metropolitan Opera in New York is a cultural institution known globally as one of the best performing arts centres. In light of the pandemic which led to its temporary closure, the Met is offering free streaming of its past performances. To view the schedule of encores, you can head to their website.

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6. Neighbours Helping Neighbours

Easily one of the most inspiring and heartwarming things to come out of the pandemic is the sense of community. Neighbourhoods and communities all across the globe are banding together to help each other in this scary time. From this viral notecard offering help to students sending get well soon cards for people in isolation, the world really is coming together.

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image: @mrjohnnygreen/twitter

7. Athletes Are Giving Back

Following the NBA cancelled season, many athletes are taking the time to give back. For example, Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kevin Love and Detroit Pistons’ Blake Griffen have pledged $100,000 each to support stadium staff affected by the cancellation. Many others have joined in on the generosity such as Mark Cuban reimbursing those who shop locally and several others volunteering at food banks.

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