italy coast to coast hike

Hike Italy Coast to Coast With Calabria’s New Trail Initiative

The social distancing protocols brought on by the pandemic has given people around the globe a newfound appreciation for nature. Being forced to swap crowded Sunday brunches for hiking trails and big neighbourhood barbecues for solitary walks has led more people than ever outdoors. If you too have gone full-blown nature lover, Italy has something in store for you. The new trail initiative in Calabria allows travellers to hike Italy coast to coast. 

italy coast to coast hike

Hike Calabria Coast to Coast With Italy’s New Trail Initiative

Italy’s Southern Calabria region is most recognizable by its stunning beaches, sky-high cliffs and hidden villages. Plus, in true Italian fashion, the region is famous for its culinary delights. We’re talkin’ lagane e cicciari and peperoni a forno. Thanks to the Kalabria Coast to Coast hiking trail, you can experience the very best of Calabria by foot. The trail spans approximately 34 miles long and connects the town of Soverato on the Ionian Sea with the town of Pizzo on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Even better? The trail is a mix of medium to medium-high levels so that everyone can enjoy it. 

italy coast to coast hike

Why Calabria?

In a statement to Lonely Planet, Kalabria Trekking association said the trail was implemented in an effort to create “an emotional and sensorial journey” to the heart of Calabria. Hikers will get a first row look at the region’s unique traditions, food and a wide variety of scenic beauty. Additionally, botany lovers will enjoy the unique flora and fauna along the way, and history buffs will appreciate Calabria’s rich past as part of Magna Graecia. 

Lastly, hikers will have the option to mark the progress along the trail with a special passport. It not only adds an element of fun but also gives trekkers discounts at restaurants and hotels in the region. The Kalabria Coast to Coast trail is a series of three 12-13 mile tracks. Throughout the trail, hikers will have access to contact the Kalabria Trekking volunteer for help. More Qs? For more information on the Kalabria Coast to Coast Trail, head to Kalabria Trekking’s official website. 



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