homemade Mexican style recipes

7 Homemade Mexican Style Recipes Anybody Could Make

If you’re stuck in the house and want to cook up some homemade Mexican-style recipes ,these 7 gorgeous dishes are for you. Not only do they taste delicious but they are all super affordable and easy to make.

These are dishes that are ideal for cheat meals and to give you that wonderful comfort food feeling. They are part of our series of 100 recipes that feature just 7 ingredients each.

Prepare to drool as you work your way through this list of delicious homemade Mexican style recipes…

1. Quick & Easy Loaded Beef Nachos

If you want a cheat meal-worthy loaded beef nachos recipe that can be rustled together for yourself or friends in record time you have come to the right place. Many recipes for beef nachos feature over a dozen ingredients and take quite a while to make, but we know most people don’t have that sort of time. So, this is quick ‘n easy.

2. Ultimate Vegetarian Breakfast Tacos

Vegetarian breakfast tacos are the perfect morning treat for both non-meat eaters and meat eaters alike. They’re the sort of dish where you don’t feel like you are missing out by skipping bacon or sausages in the taco – the soft scrambled eggs is more than enough!

3. One-Pan Brunch: Chilli Beef With Eggs

Want to cook a home brunch this weekend? This chilli beef with eggs that’s all cooked up in just one pan is ideal It’s similar to our 7 Ingredient Cheat Shakshuka Recipe, but with a lot more meaty goodness.

homemade Mexican style recipes

4. Movie Night: Homemade Tomato Salsa & Corn Chips

Most people, when sitting down to watch a movie or binge on an online series. want a tasty snack. We know we do. So, this homemade tomato salsa recipe is the ideal choice. Why get something from a jar when you can make something so fresh and delicious in less than 15 minutes? The difference in taste will blow your mind.

5. Simple Medium Rare Steak Tacos

You’ll struggle to find many people who don’t love Mexican-style cuisine and these medium rare beef tacos will have you salivating. The best part? They’re a more affordable way of enjoying quality steak than eating out. Oh, and it will taste every bit as good as anything you eat in a restaurant. All cooked by your good self.

6. Perfect Guacamole With 7 Simple Ingredients

Of all the (many!) things you can make with avocados, this simply perfect guacamole should be high on the list. It takes barely any prep time and is the ideal snack for dippings tortilla chips in, or to serve with meats or bread. A super useful recipe that you will quickly come to rely on.

homemade Mexican style recipes

7. Mexican-Style Roasted Corn With Chilli & Lime

This Mexican-style roasted corn tastes just as good as authentic elotes you’ll find from street vendors on every corner of Mexico. With little-to-no prep and a cooking time of less than 20 minutes, you’ll be making this again and again.

homemade Mexican style recipes

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