Canada overview

Famous for its gorgeous natural scenery, vibrant cities and friendly atmosphere, it’s no wonder Canada reels in over 20 million visitors a year. From the turquoise waters of Lake Louise to the charming European streets of Montreal to the bright lights of Toronto on to the sprawling badlands of Saskatchewan Canada is an unbelievably diverse nation with new types of beauty at every turn. Thanks to its massive size, you can have literally any type of holiday you want. Yearning for a revitalising city break? Head to Banff and explore the thick woods, crystal clear lakes and alpine meadows. Or maybe you’re after a holiday in the city with shopping, great food and some cultural exploration? Toronto has you covered.

There is a huge range of accommodation to choose from on your trip to Canada. Whether you stay in a cosy city like Vancouver or head to the countryside of Alberta, there are plenty of options to make your holiday perfect. From Toronto’s luxe hotels to Quebec City’s famous Fairmont Le Château Frontenac to the charming waterfront inns of Nova Scotia; there’s something for every type of traveller.

Canada Travel Guide

Canadian culture is often classed by its diversity and progressive attitude. While it’s often recognised for its history as a French colony, today it is a melting pot of cultures all across the globe that are drawn to Canada for its openness and opportunity. Its diversity and forward-thinking values are two things Canada and Canadians tend to hold very close.
Thanks to its diverse population, there’s a kaleidoscope of different cultures to explore from the rich indigenous people’s heritage which spans several millennia to the more unmissable European atmosphere of Montreal. Speaking of Montreal, the cosy city is known for its thriving arts scene which speaks directly to the nation’s rich and colourful identity. Often coined the arts and festival capital of Canada, it’s a great place to go to get a deeper look at Canadian expression and interpretation.

Things to do

Thanks to its size and diversity between regions, there are tons of things to do on your holiday in Canada, especially outdoors. The most popular destination for adventure seekers is Banff National Park in Alberta. This stunning natural area is the epitome of Canadian wilderness with its crystal clear lakes, rich pine forests, jagged peaks and breathtaking alpine valleys to explore. Canada’s not all mountains and forests, though. From Haida Gwaii’s rough, rocky coastline, to the unforgiving northness of Nunavut, and the lush hills of Cape Breton, Canada is overflowing with diverse natural scenery.

Not a nature buff? Canada is home to world-class cities perfect for every type of culture vulture. Head to Toronto to dive into Canada’s insanely delicious food scene and take in the buzzing city atmosphere beneath sky-high buildings and twinkling lights. Looking for some great craft beer and a slow, down-home atmosphere surrounded by gorgeous woods and coast? Vancouver is calling. Or maybe you’d like to dive into Canada’s history. Quebec City, a treasured UNESCO world heritage site and the cradle of French America is the place to be.

Food & Drink

Thanks to its melting pot of culture, the food scene is incredible. The top item on every Candian food bucket list is poutine, a bed of fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds. Other top items include Nova Scotian lobster rolls, Montreal bagels and of course anything involving bacon and maple syrup. There’s also a huge host of French-Canadian plates such as pouding chomeur and pig and pea soup.
When it comes to multicultural cuisine, there is no shortage. The Great White North is literally a smorgasbord of different food cultures from bumping Mexican taquerias, hole in the wall Chinese restaurants and brick-walled pizzerias that will transport you straight to Naples. From Toronto’s thriving international eateries to Vancouver’s local breweries to St. John’s zesty seafood, Canada is a foodie mecca.

Cananda FAQs

There’s so many amazing places to explore! If you want a cosmopolitan city then visit Vancouver or Toronto. If you want national parks and mountains, visit Calgary.

The Chelsea Hotel in Toronto is the largest hotel in Canada, it has 26 floors,1,590 rooms and suites, 5 basements and 18 elevators.

Vancouver is known to be the prettiest city in Canada, the city itself has a beautiful landscape. And not to mention the pacific ocean and jaw-dropping mountains in the background.

Canada is especially beautiful in the fall months, known for its stunning foliage. This is also low season, so crowds will be smaller, accommodation prices are generally lower and the temperature is mild and pleasant.

Hands down, Niagara Falls! It is estimated that around 30 million people visit Niagara Falls each year, with the number increasing every year.

Eureka, Nunavut is the coldest region in Canada, the temperature averages at −19.7 °C or −3.5 °F for the year. Between mid-October to late February, the region is plunged into complete darkness!

Maple syrup and Canada go hand in hand, since they are the world’s top producer of it! So make sure to buy this signature Canadian cultural product on your next vacation.

There are endless food options in Canada, but these dishes cannot be missed; Poutine, Bannock, Saskatoon berry pie and Peameal Bacon. 

Upon arrival you may need to provide a “Proof of Funds”, you would need a minimum of $1,230 CAD per month (30 day visa).

It depends on who you ask and what for, Canada is home to many famous people. World famous hockey player Wayne Gretzky, was ranked the most famous by Insider magazine. For movie buffs world famous director James Cameron hails from Canada. Plus, musicians like Justin Bieber, Neil young, Drake and Celion Dion.