Where to Eat in Asia 2020

The 50 Hottest Restaurants In Asia 2020

If you’re a hardcore foodie and are already planning out which hot new restaurants you’re going to try in 2020, then we’ve got the list for you.

Some of the hottest restaurants in Asia are quickly turning into the hottest restaurants in the entire world. Serving cuisine ranging from traditional Asian fare to unique Australian and American dishes, these are the up and coming restaurants that we and industry experts feel are going to truly explode in the next year if they haven’t already.

Start making your reservations now, because the 50 hottest restaurants in Asia for 2020 are so hot we just know they’re going to fill up fast.

Hottest Restaurants In Asia 2020How do these rankings work?

1. Bondi & Bourke – Davao City, Phillippines

The Phillippines is taking the Asian restaurant industry by storm as trendy eateries open up more and more each year. The hottest restaurant in the Phillippine for 2020, however? Bondi & Bourke. Located inside of an ancestral-type home, the menu here showcases modern Australian dishes with a twist. The ambience is perfect parts refined and relaxed, creating a seamless, enjoyable dining experience every visit.

Hottest Restaurants in Asia 2020

2. Hjh Maimunah – Singapore

Slow-cooked quality ingredients are at the forefront of Hjh Maimunah, easily one of Singapore’s hottest restaurants right now. Here, they’re working to preserve the age-old recipes of Malay food, and they’re succeeding with ease. Each dish is overflowing with flavour, which they somehow manage to balance perfectly with other tasty treats included in each dish. If you’re travelling to Singapore in 2020, visiting Hjh Maimunah is a must.

Hottest Restaurants in Singapore

3. The Bombay Canteen – Mumbai, India

The modern, neutral interior of The Bombay Canteen perfectly contrasts the vibrant, colourful dishes they serve. The food here is as flavourful as it is colourful, which is saying something. This is going to be one of the hottest restaurants in Asia in 2020, as they’ve learned how to perfectly master the art of serving traditional recipes with a modern spin. They never forsake their roots, they merely add flavourful accents to everything they do, from pork kebabs to their craft cocktails.

Hottest Restaurants in Mumbai 2020

4. Raw – Taipei, Taiwan

This two-star Michelin restaurant is no stranger to accolades. They’ve made the list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants numerous times, and travellers from all over the world make a point to stop off in Tapei just to try to delectable dishes here. Their specialty lies in transforming food into pieces of art. Everything oozes of creativity, even straight through to the art-inspired decor of the restaurant itself. If you’re looking for a true culinary experience that’s equal parts show and flavour, this is the place for you.

Hottest Restaurants in Taipei 2020

5. The MAINE Street Eatery – Dubai, UAE

The MAINE Street Eatery is the newest location to open up from the famous chain of MAINE restaurants in Dubai. One more in a long line of quality, causal brasseries, this restaurant is going to win the hearts and stomachs of visitors from all over the world in 2020. It’s the personality of the brand that makes this restaurant so enchanting, along with an enchanting poolside terrace. They’re truly transforming the way in which modern eateries deliver world-class food and service, and we’re here for it.

Hottest Restaurants in Dubai 2020

6. Saawaan – Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is brimming with Michelin-star restaurants, as the Asian capital city continues to dominate in terms of quality cuisine and creative dining. However, Saawaan is perhaps one of the more intriguing Michelin-star restaurants in Bangkok. The only choice you have here is to engage in the 10-course menu, which is a tantalising journey through Thai flavours and culture. This is the future of high-class dining, and they’ve executed it so perfectly that many others are sure to follow suit.

Best Restaurants in Bangkok 2020

7. Chachawan – Hong Kong

On the bustling streets of Hong Kong, you’ll find one of the hottest restaurants in Asia, which just so happens to serve delectable Thai food. Chachawan specialises in recipes from Thailand’s Isaan region that are bursting with flavour. A colourful mural covers an entire wall of the restaurant, which manages to feel chic yet scaled-back. Here, the flavour does the talking, both in terms of their tasty dishes and wonderful Asian-inspired cocktails.

Hottest Restaurants in Hong Kong 2020

8. TocToc – Seoul, South Korea

TocToc is not only a Michelin Guide-listed restaurant, but it’s also been ranked as one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. This is a restaurant that’s been hot and is only getting hotter, serving up modern French fare in a comfortable setting. Culinary creativity reigns supreme here. Choose from two tasting menus, ‘The Signatures’ or ‘Tocnomy.’ We suggest the latter, as it showcases dishes based in local produce and international flavours.

Hottest Restaurants in Seoul 2020

9. Merah Putih – Bali, Indonesia

From the breathtaking decor and translucent roof columns to the impeccable attention to detail they put into every dish, Merah Putih is definitely going to be one of the hottest Asian restaurants in 2020. Visual design meets quality cuisine here. Dishes celebrate every aspect of Indonesian cuisine, using spices and flavours from all over the country to create some of the most mouth-watering food you’ve ever tasted. If you’re in Bali, you can’t leave without spending an evening here.

Hottest Restaurants in Bali 2020

10. NINYO Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge – Quezon City, Phillippines

We recently ranked NINYO as one of the most romantic restaurants in Asia, but their cuisine is so intriguingly delectable that it deserves a spot on this list, too. From outdoor private gazebos to a wine list featuring 100 of the world’s best wines, NINYO is doing everything right. Lush gardens await you here, acting as the perfect setting in which to enjoy delightful dishes. Their ravioli of short ribs are braised in miso and sealed with a kiss of truffled carabao’s milk. Impeccable.

Hottest Restaurants in the Philippines 2020

11. Il Ristorante Niko Romito – Beijing, China

Haute Italian cuisine is so on-trend right now, and there’s nobody else doing it as well as Il Ristorante Niko Romito. Perched atop The Bvlgari Hotel Beijing, this is regarded as one of top and great Italian restaurants in all of China. The space is impeccably decorated to showcase the elegant chandeliers hanging from the high ceilings. And the food, well, it’s some of the best in the world. It’s better you just stop by to sample it for yourself.

Best Restaurants in Asia 202

12. Dim Tu Tac – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Dim Tu Tac’s menu is inspiring, to say the very least. They work hard to bring unexpected flavours to traditional Cantonese food, and the result is something that’s truly unique. At this trendy Ho Chi Minh City restaurant, you can explore the flavours and textures of dim sum as you’ve never done before. From the choice of ingredients straight through to the presentation, everything here is well planned out and perfect.

Hottest Restaurants in Vietnam 2020

13. Restaurant Locavore – Bali, Indonesia

Tucked away in a quiet jungle retreat in Ubud, Restaurant Locavore first made it big in 2017 after being named one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. It’s easy to see why it’s so well-loved. The team of expert chefs artfully present a variety of European-inspired dishes, all with a central focus of creativity and flare. There’s nothing here that’s not well-executed and dining here is a genuinely exhilarating experience. Keep your eye on Locavore, it’s going to get even hotter in 2020 for sure.

Best Restaurants in Bali 2020

14. Ministry of Crab – Colombo, Sri Lanka

This restaurant was once deemed a homecoming of Sri Lankan flavours and legendary lagoon crab. If you’re travelling to Sri Lanka in 2020, you absolutely cannot pass up the opportunity to visit one of the hottest restaurants in Asia. From their Garlic Chilli Crab to the succulent Baked Crab, every dish here tells an intimate story of Sri Lankan culture and history. Heritage is truly celebrated in every aspect of this restaurant, and that’s something to talk about.

Hottest Restaurants in Sri Lanka 2020

15. Mountain and Sea House – Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is certainly no stranger to quality, trendy restaurants. However, Mountain and Sea House takes things to a whole new level. Funky wallpaper lines the walls of this intriguingly chic restaurant. Choose from any of the delectable menu items, all of which showcase the delicate and complex nature of Taiwanese cuisine. Everything here is served farm to table, so freshness is at the forefront of every dish.

Where to Eat in Asia 2020

16. Indian Accent – New Delhi, India

Highly regarded as the No. 1 fine dining restaurant in India, Indian Accent focuses on putting contemporary twists on standard national cuisine. Aside from serving quality dishes that are perfectly balanced between flavour and creativity, the setting itself is cosy as it’s surrounded by calming waters and romantic light fixtures. The inventive menu features highly distinct Indian flavours, which make it a great place to taste your way through the country’s culture.

Hottests Restaurants in Delhi 2020

17. The Pig & Palm – Cebu City, Philippines

The Pig & Palm is helmed by one of the world’s top chefs, who’s now on his sixteenth restaurant venture. This time, he’s got everything down pat, from the intricacies of the dishes he serves daily to the creativity that oozes out of the kitchen and into the dining space. From the starters to the small plates, there’s a lot to love here. But, it’s the entrees that are really captivating. Sample the 35-day dry-aged ribeye for a tantalising treat your tastebuds will never forget.

18. Bar-Roque Grill – Singapore

The Alsace-born chef at Bar-Rogue Grill in Singapore perfectly infuses his masterful dishes with French flavours. However, ingredients are sourced from all over the world, ensuring that what you’re tasting is only the very finest. Everything here is hearty and satisfying, straight down to the warm and inviting interior that makes dining here a true treat.

Hottest Restaurants in Singapore 2020

19. Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet – Shanghai, China

Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet is, without a doubt, going to be one of the hottest restaurants in Asia for 2020. You’ll want to keep your eye on this unique eatery, as it’s transforming the way in which restaurants craft experiences for their guests beyond just the food. The immersive dining experience is perhaps one of the most unique experiences you could participate in at a restaurant. Ambient music, theatrical utensils and special scents work together to create a truly enchanting experience.

20. Henshin – Jakarta, Indonesia

Most travellers seem to forego Jakarta in favour of the trendier island of Bali. However, some of the hottest restaurants in Asia are in Jakarta, namely Henshin. As the highest dining destination in Indonesia, you’ll get to peer out over the city from the restaurant’s 67th-floor vantage point. Dishes are just as impressive as the views, and flavours are as delightful and neverending as the beautiful Jakarta skyline.

Best Restaurants in Jakarta 2020

21. Aesop’s – Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is just about the last place you’d expect to find quality Greek cuisine, but Aesop’s is perhaps one of the tastiest Greek food experiences you can have in Asia. Aside from serving delicious, authentic Greek food, Aesop’s is slated to become one of the hottest restaurants in Asia in 2020 for the atmosphere it offers guests. Creative cocktails and an upbeat environment prove that it’s not just about the food anymore.

Best Restaurants in Bangkok 2020

22. Zuma – Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

With locations all over the world, Zuma is one of the hottest restaurants pretty much anywhere you go. However, the locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are transforming the way diners view restaurants experiences in Asia. Here, you can enjoy a delightful twist on traditional Japanese cuisine in an incredibly inspiring and well-crafted space. Warm wood tones and the perfect lighting make this one of the trendiest spots in Asia for sure.

23. Kaema Sutra – Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo’s Kaema Sutra proves that Sri Lanka is risin the ranks as one of Asia’s top contenders in terms of trendy restaurants. This new-age Sri Lankan restaurant has perfectly infused culture into both the decor and the dishes they serve. The theme they’ve created is presented seamlessly throughout the dining experience, which is something that diners love in modern-day restaurants. Put Kaema Sutra on your list of hot Asian restaurants to visit in 2020. You won’t regret it.

24. Seventh Son – Hong Kong

Food critics, locals, and travellers from all over the world agree that Seventh Son in Hong Kong is one of the best restaurants in Asia. From the magical gold decor to the impeccable service, this is what guests are looking for in 2020. The chef, who happens to be the seventh son of the famous Fook Lam Moon family, serves classic Cantonese dishes at their peak here. In other words, everything here is perfect from beginning to end.

Hottest Restaurants in Hong Kong 2020

25. Acqua – Phuket, Thailand

An inventive take on Italian cuisine and a strategically romantic setting position Acqua as one of the hottest restaurants in Asia for 2020. This award-winning restaurant excels at offering guests an authentic experience, which makes sense as the chef is Sardinian-born. Here, expect to indulge in some of the finest Italian food you’ll ever taste. Start with the home-baked focacci and work your way through the entire menu. It’s all delicious.

Hottest Restaurants in Thailand 2020

26. Toyo Eatery – Manila, Phillippines

Toyo Eatery is revolutionising Filipino cuisine, and we’re not the only ones who think so. The head chef here works to transform everyday food into fine dining delights, and he seems to do so with ease. Dishes are seemingly rooted in stories which come to life through the ingredients and presentation used. Dining at Toyo Eatery is a delightful, intriguing experience that’s going to make it one of the hottest restaurants in Asia in 2020 for sure.

Best Restaurants in Manila 2020

27. Settimo Cielo – Bali, Indonesia

While Bali is peppered with plenty of themed restaurants, romantic hotspots, and trendy eateries, Settimo Cielo should be at the absolute top of your list if you’re planning to travel to this island paradise. Rustic Italian dishes are served in a refined manner, but it’s the entire ambience that makes this place so great. Enjoy a superb seting as you sip craft cocktails or order from their impressive wine list.

28. Sol Kitchen & Bar – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Fine dining free of the fuss is what you can expect to enjoy at Sol Kitchen & Bar. While this is one of the trendiest restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City to date, we think it’s going to be one of the hottest restaurants in Asia in 2020. Why? The concept behind their menu showcases the central idea of sharing. Spicy flavours and strong cocktails make it easy to share here, which creates a unique dining experience that you simply can’t miss.

Best Restaurants in Vietnam 2020

29. Dewakan – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Another one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, it seems that Dewakan is becoming accustomed to very well-deserved critical acclaim. The restaurant’s name is a mashup essentially meaning “food from god.” And, it’s that theme that strings through the entire menu seamlessly. Dishes are constructed so as to place focus on each high-quality ingredient they use. Simply put, it truly does taste like food from the gods.

Hottest Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur 2020

30. The Black Sheep Bistro – Goa, India

Goa might contain one of India’s hottest party scenes, but this trendy seaside city is also home to one of the hottest restaurants in Asia. The Black Sheep Bistro perfectly balances global cuisine with local flavours. They source quality local ingredients to craft creative dishes while also creating some of the tastiest cocktails in all of India. First, try their cocktails. Then, dive into their scrumptious menu.

31. The Ocean by Olivier Bellin – Hong Kong

If we were ranking the most creative restaurant design in Asia, The Ocean by Olivier Bellin would win out with honours. From the stunning seaside views of Hong Kong’s harbour to the intricate details of the furnishings, dining here feels as if you’re dining in a luxurious underwater kingdom. Food from the sea is featured to no surprise. Sample such delicacies as sea urchin and fresh scallops. It’s an unforgettable experience you’ll want to repeat.

Where to Eat in Hong Kong 2020

32. Dining in the Dark – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Themed dining experiences seem to be picking up steam as we roll into 2020. And, Dining in the Dark in Kuala Lumpur is one of the most popular restaurants in Asia because of it. Before anything else, the experience itself is a unique dive into sensory dining. The idea is that removing your sight enhances your other senses. You’ll have to treat yourself to the experience to see for yourself if it’s true. Either way, this is one of the hottest restaurants in Asia to check out in 2020.

Best Dining Kuala Lumpur 2020

33. Flamingo House – Colombo, Sri Lanka

Flamingo House is another trendy restaurant that our readers ranked as one of the 50 most romantic restaurants in Asia.  Here, you can explore three lavish floors, all of which hold intimate details of a secret romance. It’s this kind of romantic intrigue that make the space so inviting. It’s also this kind of creativity and attention to detail that makes the spot so popular. Here, you can enjoy fine food while immersing yourself in a true dining experience. That’s going to be huge in 2020.

34. The Real Barbacoa – Bali, Indonesia

Dining at The Real Barbacoa in Bali is a delightful experience from beginning to end. From the wood panel walling to the trendy tile flooring and even the intimate table lighting at night, there’s nothing here that doesn’t ooze of intimacy and intriuge. However, the food is the real star, if you can believe it. The menu showcases a variety of perfectly-grilled meats and Latin American fare. In other words, everything here is delicious.

Best Dining Bali 2020

35. Masque – Mumbai, India

Foraged food has been a hot topic in Europe for a while now. However, Masque in Mumbai is looking to place it on the map in Asia. The menu here is all about experimentation with dishes that work to reinterprety traditional Indian cuisine. Likewise, the restaurant’s ambience mimics the same kind of ode to tradition yet with a modern twist. In short, you’ll love the experience here from beginning to end, without a doubt.

Best Restaurants in India 2020

36. La Badiane – Hanoi, Vietnam

You’ll find this award-winning restaurant hidden in Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem District. Large windows open up onto a lush courtyard, and every corner of La Badiane is filled with charming details that set the scene for a fine dining experience. Here, they’re all about fusion flavours. This means that each and every one of their dishes is impressively unique. It’s hard to put your finger on just where each flavour comes from, which only adds to the fun of it all.

37. Peacock Bistro – Taipei, Taiwan

Fusion food is the focus at Peacock Bistro in Taipei. Enter through a quaint coffee shop and walk through a lovely courtyard to arrive at this enchanting restaurant. The atmosphere mirrors the menu, which is as light and magical as the garden you can choose to dine in. Here, they’re all about live sustainable development, so each and every one of the ingredients used is sourced with care.

38. A Reverie – Goa, India

Dining in 2020 is going to be all about combining story with flavour. Delivering guests to a delightful world in which they’re immersed in a journey of flavour and mystery is something that’s hot, and only getting hotter. A Reverie in Goa does this well, and they deliver the experience in a super trendy, chic setting. Open-air dining makes the space feel ample yet intimate. In short, you’re going to want to stay here for hours sampling dish after dish of their delicious food.

Best Restaurants in Goa India 2020

39. Bar Pintxos – Manila, Phillippines

Premium craft drinks pair perfectly with the tasty Spanish tapas at Bar Pintxos. While you might not imagine finding authentic Basque tapas in the heart of the Phillippines, Bar Pintxos surely proves you wrong. Using only the finest ingredients, they master dishes such as fried chorizo, bacalao, and pork loin. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported straight to the shores of San Sebastian.

Best Tapas Bar in Manila

40. VEA Restaurant & Lounge – Hong Kong

Elegant chairs invite you to take a seat at the 25-seat counter at VEA, one of Hong Kong’s premier fine dining restaurants. You’ll find VEA perched on the top floor of The Wellington. And, above all, the focus of the experience here is on flavour and artistry. Indulge in the sumptuous nature of the eight-course seasonal tasting menu. And, be sure to ask one of their sommeliers to suggset the perfect wine for your tastes.

Best Hong Kong Restaurants 2020

41. Le Du – Bangkok, Thailand

The name Le Du is derived from a Thai word that means “seasons,” and that’s actually pretty fitting. Thai tastes here head in a new direction and that’s what’s so creative about this trendy Bangkok hotspot. Perhaps the most inventive aspect of this restaurant is the deconstructive style of cooking. Everything here is broken down so that each flavour gets its chance to shine.

42. FLOW – Colombo, Sri Lanka

FLOW excels, before anything else, in the inspiring interior that welcomes you into the restaurant. You’ll find this swanky Sri Lankan restaurant inside of the Hilton Combo Residence where there are five open kitchens serving guests buffet-style meals. While perhaps not as fine dining as one might initially think, the layout and conecpt of the restaurant positions it as pretty intriguing for the year to come.

Best Restaurants Colombo 2020

43. House of Scott – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

House of Scott is an interesting culinary venture that’s exactly the kind of cultural fusion modern-day diners are looking for. While the head chef certainly knows how to deliver in terms of taste, it’s the idea behind the restaurant that makes it so well worth a visit. All proceeds of the restaurant go towards education and job creation for Cambodian youth, and that kind of social awareness is something that more and more restaurants can begin to take on in 2020.

Best Restaurants Cambodia 2020

44. Green Mango – Hanoi, Vietnam

Great vibes and an intimate setting personify Green Mango, one of Hanoi’s leading hotels and restaurants. If you’re visiting Vietnam’s capital city, book a stay here and enjoy dining at the restaurant every night. Dishes vary from delectable straight through to savoury and scrumptious. Simply put, this is one place you really can’t miss.

45. Canvas – Bangkok, Thailand

If you’re not convinced that Canvas is the next big contender in the long line of fine dining establishments in Bangkok then we’re about to change your mind. Visiting Canvas is almost like participating in the creation of a work of art. Fine food and creativity fuse to form some of the most inventive dishes in Thailand here. Choose from a six or nine-course tasting menu and allow the chefs to take your tastebuds on a journey full of flavour and mystery.

46. Alma by Juan Amador – Singapore

If you’ve never tasted the flavoursome dishes that personify Asian-inflected Spanish-European cuisine then now’s your chance. Juan Amador is a world-class chef who’s helmed a Michelin three-star restaurant. Now, he’s delivering the same kind of class to residents of Singapore. The dishes can be best described as whimsical. It’s that kind of playful nature and intriguing dining experience that people are looking for in 2020.

47. Black Byrd – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Breathtaking views envelop you in an incredibly warm and inviting embrace the moment you step into Black Byrd. Perched atop the 50th Floor of Platinum Park KLCC, this is one of the city’s trendiest restaurants for sure. However, they deserve attention for their well-crafted, inventive dishes as well. Expect to indulge in elevated comfort food at Black Byrd, which pairs perfectly with the warmth of the restaurant’s decor.

Best Restaurants in Asia for 2020

48. The Table – Mumbai, India

Floor-to-ceiling windows light the space that is The Table, one of Mumbai’s most popular restaurants. They’ve been trailblazers here, introducing the concept of farm to table into India’s restaurant industry in a big way. It’s this pioneering and inventive nature that shines through in each of the global dishes they serve. And, it’s also what makes them one of the hottest restaurants in Asia to look out for in 2020.

49. Ode – Tokyo, Japan

Ode is one of Tokyo’s many Michelin 1-star restaurants, but it’s nothing like its competitors. Just barely two years old, this French-inspired restaurant is popular, sure, but it’s going to be one of the hottest restaurants in Asia in 2020. Why? The grey-toned interior oozes of intimacy and each of the dishes on the 11-course menu takes you on a delightful adventure of flavour and story. This is the future of fine dining in Tokyo.

Hottest Restaurants in Tokyo 2020

50. Marble 8 on 56 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We’ve certainly saved one of the hottest restaurants for last, as they’re no denying just how sumptuous and elegant an evening at Marble on 8 is. Dry-aged beef, views of the Kuala Lumpur skyline and whiskey and cigars make this one of the hottest restaurants in Asia for sure. Here, they dry-age their fine-cut steaks in a custom-built cellar for up to 21 days. The result? Meat that’s bursting with flavour.

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