How To Throw The Perfect Virtual Dinner Party

In the world of coronavirus, socialising can seem pretty bleak. However, just because you are quarantined or self-isolating, that doesn’t mean you can’t still see your friends. You just have to get a little more creative now. Why not host a virtual dinner party? That’s right. It’s 2020, people. We can now enjoy a delicious meal and company of loved ones all from a screen. Whether you are in the works of a dinner party or looking for some creative socialisation, here are our tips for hosting a virtual dinner party.

How To Have The Perfect Virtual Dinner Party

Get Cookin’

Depending on your work situation, we recommend whipping up something really special. If you’ve got the time, why not make the pasta by hand or bake a loaf of bread? It will be more meaningful and doubles as a stress reliever.

If you don’t have the time (or desire) to do that, do a full course meal complete with apps, desserts and paired drinks. Pick a genre, too. Why not Italian? One household can make pizza, the other pasta, the next risotto and so on.

Set The Scene

Just as if you were having a dinner party in person, decorate. By sprucing the place up and doing some light cleaning, it’ll feel more like the real thing while also giving your space a facelift. So, fluff the pillows, light the fancy candles, pull out the cloth napkins and tidy up. We recommend swapping out your table cloth. Don’t have a spare one lying around? Grab a sheet or duvet cover. It adds a nice touch and can be tossed in the wash afterwards.


What’s a dinner party with no guests? Set a time to have everyone connect on your preferred video chat device. Fortunately, there are loads of them. Not sure where to start? We narrowed it down to the best right here. Pro-tip: utilise your laptop, tablet or even smart TV for a more in-person feel.

virtual dinner party

Change the Conversation

Remember the good ole days when all it took was a spirited political discussion to ruin the mood? Nowadays, that’s the C-word (you know the one). Make a plan not to talk about the Coronavirus. Or, at the very least, keep it minimal. Shift your focus to the good times and allow this virtual party to be a break from the stress caused by the Pandemic.

virtual dinner party


Pick an Activity

Obviously, traditional board games will need to be left at bay, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. We recommend downloading Houseparty. This genius video app comes with group games like quizzes, trivia and everyone’s fave – Heads Up! Alternatively, watch a movie together with Netflix or start a series to keep on rotation for your virtual gatherings

virtual dinner party


Times like these are stressful. If there’s one thing you splurge on for this dinner party – make it the dessert or cocktails. Take to Pinterest for some cocktail inspo like rosemary citrus martinis or salted caramel bars. Whatever you choose, be sure to clink a few glasses to the screen and eat your heart out.

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