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7 Instagram Travel Tips To Plan The Perfect Trip

The way we travel around the world is changing, with guide books being swapped for apps, so we wanted to share some Instagram travel tips that will help you have a much better trip.

These tips work just as well regardless of if you are travelling for business or pleasure, and you soon won’t be able to live without them. With over 1 billion users creating content around the world on Instagram and a big focus on food and beautiful spots, there is so much useful information to discover.

Curious? Here are the very best Instagram travel tips that will change everything for you…

The best travel tips using InstagramHow do these rankings work?

1. Tourism Boards

There are very few cities or countries around the world who don’t have tourism boards with their own official Instagram accounts.

They typically curate and highlight the best images from local influencers, previous visitors and venues in the area. Click through the feed and find some suggestions, as well as following some of the local accounts they have highlighted.

2. Leave Comments

No matter how big the account, if you leave a question asking for help or suggestions you will be surprised how many times you get an answer.

People are only too happy to help and others will jump in to offer up their own Instagram travel tips for the destination. These comments will serve as your personal guide, with helpful tips from people truly in the know.

3. Creep The Menu

You’ve been waiting for months to try the hottest new restaurant on your trip, so why leave your choices to chance? Forget about waiting until you read the menu and instead follow the restaurant and the geotagged location to see what looks good.

Life is too short to make bad food choices, so do your food creeping in advance and have your selections ready.

Restaurant menus Instagram 4. Ask For Suggestions

Whether you have 50 followers or 50,000, the chances are some people have already been to your chosen destination. Post a picture in advance to rekindle their memories and then ask for their own personal suggestions.

Ask them “Whats the one thing you suggest I do when here?” You’ll be surprised by how helpful people are, and by the range of suggestions that you would never have thought of.

Vacation Instagram travel tips

5. Hashtags

The most obvious tip of all but still incredibly useful. Don’t just go for the broad high -level hashtags like #London but instead delve a little deeper.

Spending time following hashtags (you follow them in the same way you follow actual accounts) can help you get exited about your trip and find lots of current events and hidden gems.

6. Search Geotags

You can drill down to your location, hotel, restaurant, beach or any location that you are hitting up on your trip.

Use the photos and stories to see what looks good and what people have discovered. Geotags are way more useful than hashtags, because they zone in on the very specific area you want to go to. Easily one of the most important Instagram travel tips you will ever use.

Geotags Instagram travel tips

7. Put Your Phone Away!

Yes, the gram is great and it helps you find stuff that you might not otherwise have discovered. It might even help you meet new people and eat the best food when on vacation.

It should not however, run your whole vacation. The whole idea of a vacation is to take time out, be spontaneous and live life to the full. Staring at a phone or capturing every single vantage point from 100 angles isn’t fun.

By all means use the Instagram travel tipsm but also leave the phone in the hotel or Airbnb a couple of times too and just enjoy yourself.

Instagram travel tips

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