48 hours in Capri

Italian Getaway: 48 Hours in Capri

The island of Capri is a glamorous and relaxing paradise just off the coast of Italy. Located within the Bay of Naples, experience the popular Italian island with 48 hours in Capri

You will undoubtedly feel soothed upon arrival, and this list can help make travel plans easier so you can feel relaxed from the time your trip begins.

48 Hours in Capri, Italy

Friday Afternoon

Welcome to the Italian coast. Check into your luxury hotel room at the Villa Marina Capri Hotel & Spa. This boutique hotel overlooks the Bay of Naples and the Sorrento-Amalfi Coast for some beautiful views. Change into your best resort wear before heading to dinner at Lido del Faro Restaurant for the best of Italian and seafood alike like the seafood risotto as you relax near the base of the Punta Carena Lighthouse. Enjoy the views of the beautiful sea around you for a peaceful first night.

48 hours in Capri


For a quick breakfast, stop by Gelateria Buonocore for an espresso and a delicious pastry. Start exploring the island’s enchanted sites by visiting the Augustus Gardens. Here you can take a passeggiata while drinking in breathtaking views of the sea as well as find the Faraglioni rocks and the twisting Via Krupp. 

For lunch, visit Il Riccio at the Capri Palace for a truly luxurious lunch of gnocchi with monkfish and spaghetti with sea urchins. After, head to the Blue Grotto where the best times to see its gorgeous blue hue is between noon and in the afternoon. It will be a stunning sea site that will take your breath away. Learn about the island’s Roman history by visiting the Villa Jovis which was built in the first century. 

Shop till you drop by visiting Amina Rubinacci for cashmere wear, L’Arte Del Sandalo Caprese for a unique pair of shoes, and La Parisienne for made-to-measure Capri pants. Dine at the Mammà restaurant and try the paccheri pasta with crustaceans and mollusks with classic tiramisu for dessert. Enjoy some limoncello from the island for a soothing end to your day.

48 hours in Capri

Sunday Morning

Before you head off the gorgeous island, enjoy the last meal at Caffe Manari for pastries and coffee. You will feel so thankful you had an exciting yet relaxing weekend in Capri, Italy’s scenic island. 

48 hours in Capri

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