The World’s Lightest Cheesecake

Daily Drool #10: The World’s Lightest Cheesecake

Cheesecake fan? You will be after you see this lighter-than-air beauty. This is no doubt the lightest cheesecake you are ever likely to see.

These jiggly, wobbly and utterly delicious cheesecakes have been taking social media by storm with everybody wondering where and how they can get their hands on them!

The most popular cheesecake in Japan, there’s always lines around the block of this Osaka bakery and we can see why…

Just look how the lightest cheesecake literally bounces when it comes out of the oven…

You’ll find these cheesecakes in a chain of bakeries across Japan called Rikuro. “Uncle Rikuro” has been baking these for over 27 years and they’re going viral yet again. Some of the key elements of how they are made include…

  • Using a flavourful cream cheese imported directly from a long-established factory in Denmark
  • Lining the tins with carefully selected soaked raisins
  • Baking the cakes on each individual premises
  • Only baking 12 cakes at a time
  • The cakes should be eaten within one day of purchase

The jiggly cheesecake is light as a feather….

To understand just how light and fluffy the cheesecakes are, you can see the final branding process and the cakes being tipped apart here. They’re made with fresh cream cheese, eggs, milk and raisins. An absolute droolfest.

We’d nearly go as far as saying one person might just be able to eat one of these treats entirely on their own. We wouldn’t be in a rush to share one, that’s for sure.

Here’s how to make the Lightest Cheesecake…

In this full version you can see exactly how they make the famous cheesecakes. Part of the fascination behind Rikuro’s Bakery is that they have clear glass windows, which allows passersby to watch as the cakes go through every step of the process.

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