The 7 Best Brunch Spots In Milan

Nothing beats meeting up at the weekend with friends for some food and drinks, so we wanted to pick out the best Milan brunch spots. The foodie scene in this beautiful city has been exploding in recent years and brunch is a prime example of that.

From perfect eggs to great coffee and cocktails, there is something on this lis for every type of brunch lover.

So, grab your friends, work up an appetite and get ready to eat in one of the very best Milan brunch spots… Is it the weekend yet?!

Best Brunch in MilanHow do these rankings work?

1. Crazy Cat Café

You’ll be able to tick two boxes in one visit here by spending some time with the cats who call this home and eating a great Milan brunch.

They serve lots of classic bacon and egg dishes as well as having top class coffee and freshly squeezed juices. Certainly a spot that you are never going to forget visiting, thanks to the feline company.

2. Peck

Peck is a super high quality establishment, where they pride themselves on sourcing the best ingredients possible. No expense is spared on the produce and the end result is food that will absolutely blow your mind.

The best way to enjoy their offering is with a couple of friends at the weekend, picking and sharing lots of small tasting plates.

Milan Best brunch

3. Asola

This 9th floor restaurant has full length windows which give you some of the most spectacular views of the city as you dine.

The brunch itself is served on Sundays, in a buffet style with some of the best quality and tastiest ingredients you could ever wish for. The open kitchen adds to the quality and theatre of the whole experience.

Best brunch in Milan

4. Biancolatte

Most people will know Biancolatte for their huge selection of delicious homemade cakes. They are truly fantastic and well worth trying, but their brunch menu is also a revelation.

Avocado on toast with chopped tomatoes is an absolute joy. Something so simple, but executed to absolute perfection.

Best brunch Milan

5. oTTo

They offer a modern take on brunch here, serving it up every Saturday and Sunday from 12.30pm to 3pm.

They serve their dishes on a large chopping board where you can choose your favourite quadrotto, accompanied by fruit, yogurt, potatoes and coffee. An ideal Milan brunch dish.

Milan brunch

6. Deus cafe

This hip cafe really comes to live when they start serving up the brunch menu at the weekends. The crowds come flocking in from all over the city, because they know the quality they can expect.

The menu is extensive: from burgers and sandwiches to fruit bowls, bagels and salads. There really is something for everybody here, and it all tastes wonderful.

7. Dedans

They keep the Sunday brunch menu simple with a gorgeous Croque Madame, fresh pastries and simple egg dishes. Where they really shine is by combining them with great cocktails.

You couldn’t think of a better way to kick off your Sunday. Absolute perfection.

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