7 of the Most Beautiful Lakes in Italy

When you think Italy, crystal clear lakes surrounded by charming medieval villages and towering slopes may not be the first vision to come to mind, but trust us, they are there. Italy’s allure goes far beyond the realms of its ancient cities and extends on to the natural beauty found in the countryside. Whether you’re a hiker, a history buff or just enjoy some sailing, Italy is loaded with beautiful lakes perfect for any type of adventurer. 

Most Beautiful Lakes in Italy 

1. Lago di Como

Iconic, breathtaking and unmistakably Italian are just a few words that describe Italy’s most beautiful lake, Lago di Como. This enormous Lombardy gem is surrounded by stunning alpine scenery and loaded with Renaissance charm. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or just looking to relax in the great outdoors, Como impresses on all fronts. 

most beautiful lakes italy

2. Lago di Garda

Sprawled across Northern Italy between Sirmione and Riva del Garda is Lago di Garda. It’s not only one of Italy’s most visually appealing lakes complete with rich archaeological sites, castle ruins and tons of charming small towns along its borders; it’s also the oldest lake in Italy. Throughout the lake, you’ll find several islands dotted with 13th-century monasteries, orange trees and ancient ruins just dying to be explored. 

3. Lago di Bolsena 

Smack dab in central Italy between Rome and Florence; you’ll find one of the country’s most idyllic lakes, Lake Bolsena. Not only is the turquoise water and surrounding scenery visually stunning, but the view of its island, Bisentia which is full of Etruscan ruins and ancient churches. If all that weren’t enough, lake Bolsena is also the largest volcanic lake in all of Europe. 

most beautiful lakes italy

4. Lago di Bracciano

Just 30 or so kilometres north of Rome, you’ll find Lago di Bracciano, a volcanic lake nestled in Lazio. It’s one of Italy’s biggest hotspots for scuba diving and recreational sports. Whether you care to dive, fish, canoe or simply sunbathe, you’re in luck at Lago di Bracciano. Like so many others, there are also plenty of beautiful ruins to explore, such as the Castello Orsini-Odescalchi. 

image: italia.it/Facebook

5. Lago di Trasimeno

Lago di Trasimeno in Central Italy is a beautiful blue lake famous for its annual fish festival, surrounding vineyards and peaceful olive groves. Not only does it feel like a tranquil Umbrian paradise, it’s also loaded with enchanting nearby villages and surrounded by soft rolling hills that scream Italian summer! Several of the surrounding historical sites dating to the 13th century or earlier making it a great destination for all types of travellers. 

6. Lago di Ledro 

Framed by the dolomites and famous for its peaceful blue waters, Lago di Ledro is one of Italy’s most beautiful lakes. Not only is it visually stunning and a popular vacation destination for some r&r; it’s also one of Italy’s cleanest lakes. Whether you lounge on the shores or take to hiking trails that surround, you’re sure to be full of awe.  

7. Lago di Maggiore 

Forming part of the Switzerland border, Lago Maggiore has some of the most tranquil alpine vistas in the country.  Thanks to its geographic location, the lake boasts a unique Mediterranean climate that makes for some stunning flora and fauna. Framed by Piedmont, Lombardy and the Swiss canton of Ticino, Lago di Maggiore translates to “Great Lake” and it’s certainly a deserved title. 

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