Romantic Destinations Europe

The 7 Most Romantic Destinations In Europe

Whether you’re planning a cosy Valentine’s Day getaway or just want to visit somewhere special with your loved one, there’s so many beautiful places to escape to in Europe. Our pick of the most romantic destinations in Europe are perfect for a getaway you’ll always remember.

Sunshine vibes or ski slope fires? It’s up to you.

Most Romantic Destinations In Europe

1. Amalfi Coast, Italy

The idyllic region of Italy’s Amalfi Coast is a bucket list destination for many.  The Tyrrhenian Sea is a shimmering blue, hilltop villages are dotted with pastel-coloured building and the scent of fresh lemons fills the air.

One of the top European honeymoon destinations in the area is Positano. The hillside town is a riot of sunny colours and flowers, with seaside views and a pretty pebble beach.

Amalfi Coast in European

2. Paris, France

The city of lights offers you an almost unlimited array of things to do. Whether you enjoy museums, old architecture, or grand, iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, you will find lots of things to do in on your honeymoon. It’s not known as the Love City for no reason; wandering through this beautiful city really is romantic.

best things to do in Paris France

3. Venice, Italy

The famous city built on more than 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea is a holiday hotspot for celebrities, local Italians and tourists alike. Venice has no roads, just canals, so exploring the city by watertaxi or gondola makes it extra special.

The overall charm as well as the outrageously luxurious waterfront hotels here make it a fairytale city.

48 hours in Venice

4. Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is a teensy island, but it packs a real punch with culture and nightlife. Throughout the Cyclades, it’s well-known as the “gay party island,” so same sex couples will be sure to have a great time here. It also further offers stunning Byzantine architecture and a little seaside area called “Little Venice.”

Whitewashed buildings, fresh seafood and colourful flowers are on every street, making it super scenic.

Cavo Tagoo Mykonos, Greece

5. Perugia, Umbria

A Medieval old square, winding alleys with wine bars on every corner and hillside castles will make you fall in love with Perugia. Charming villages surround the city and you can take a little boat trip to islands on Lake Trasimeno.

You’ve got to try the Baci Perugina, chocolate and hazelnut truffles in their famous silver and blue wrapping, with a romantic message tucked inside.

6. Vienna, Austria

Vienna has the cobbled streets,  baroque buildings and imperial palaces in this beautiful city where Sacher Tort and culture are king.

From legendary coffee houses to secretive tunnels on the grounds of Vienna’s palace, this is a city that has beauty on every corner. Snuggle up in a cosy cafe and soak up the regal atmosphere.

7. Porto, Portugal

Porto is the second largest city in the country (after Lisbon) and has a rich history and beautiful city centre. The centre itself is so pretty and beautifully kept that it was declared a UNESCO world heritage site back in 1996.

Porto is one of those wonderful European cities that catch you by surprise.

Romantic Destinations Europe

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