25 Of The Most Unique Cafes In Asia

It’s no secret that East Asia is known for its quirky, cute and eccentric cafes. From unicorn dreams to toilet food and more, there is something for everyone. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to narrow it down. That’s why we took the guess work out for you and chose the 25 most unique cafes in Asia. If you’re looking for a quirky spot to enjoy a coffee or a small treat, start with these.

Most Unique Cafes In AsiaHow do these rankings work?

1. Kawaii Monster Cafe – Tokyo, Japan

This acid trip of a cafe is one of Tokyo’s wackiest coffee shops. Large neon animal heads, mushroom discos, zombie Pikachu and unicorns are just a few things that bring the place to life. Come spend an afternoon wandering the cafe’s neon coloured fantasy decor and enjoy a few snacks.

2. VRIZ Cafe – Seoul, South Korea

South Korea has quickly become one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Especially when it comes to gaming. This futuristic cafe lets you immerse yourself in a virtual reality of your choice while sipping coffee in a unique and welcoming setting.
VRIZ unique cafe

3. Sengoku Buyuden – Tokyo, Japan

Sengoku Buyuden is perfect for history lovers. This charming historical cafe is based on the warring states era of the Sengoku period. Each room is based on a different warlord which means a unique experience at every turn. Sip on tea like an ancient Japanese samurai at this unique Tokyo cafe.

Sengoku Tokyo Cafe
Image: Go Tokyo Francais/Facebook

4. Coffee On The Table – Penang, Malaysia

This Penang favourite takes latte art to the next level. Here you’ll find 3D latte art in every shape and size. Want an adorable kitten poking out of your mug or a playful foam lion? No problem.
Coffee On The Table Cute Cafe

5. Mothy Garden – Shanghai, China

Shanghai’s Mothy Garden is an animal lovers paradise. Mothy Garden consists of two floors of a pet petting paradise. Here you can bond and interact with groundhogs, alpacas, scorpions, chinchillas, ferrets and even teacup pigs.

The owners are committed to animal welfare and use the Mothy Garden as a means to get these rescue pets adopted.

Mothy Garden Pet Cafe
image: District Sixty/Facebook

6. Pink Pool Cafe – Seoul, South Korea

Pink Pool Cafe in Seoul is a cotton candy dream. Modelled after a retro pool with powder blue tiles, it’s as Instagrammable as it is unique. Lounge outside with a latte on one of their pastel pink beds or cosy up inside at a diner-style table for two. Afterwards, you can do some shopping at the boutique store inside.

Pink Pool Cafe
Image: Jazmin Cruz/Facebook

7. Blind Alley – Seoul, South Korea

You’ve heard of East Asia’s infinite cat and dog cafes, but what about racoons? At Seoul’s Blind Alley, you can mingle with the resident rescue racoons, pigs and a dog. The care of these animals is highly valued, so be sure to remain respectful and always take the animals need into account first.

Blind alley pet cafe
Image: Olga Doppleganger/Facebook


8. Vampire Cafe – Tokyo, Japan

This macabre Tokyo staple is one of Asia’s most unique cafes. It comes complete with red velvet furniture, skull garnishes, flickering candlelight on coffins, and so much more. Get your fill of morbid foods decorated with ‘blood’ and crucifixes at this uniquely goth cafe.
Vampire Cafe Tokyo


9. Cabbage and Condoms – Bangkok, Thailand

Cabbage and Condoms is on a mission to be the quirkiest and most unique spot in Asia. The place is exactly as it sounds, Thai food and condoms. The meaning behind the place is more sentimental, though. The founder, Mechai Viravaidya, wanted to create a place that would aim to improve the sexual health of Thai people, along with being funny and risque.

Cabbage and Condoms Cafe
image: @warrior_of_the_rainbow/instagram


10. Modern Toilet – Taipei, Taiwan

If you love weird, gross yet interesting concepts, Modern Toilet is right up your alley. At this cafe, you can drink as much fake poo coffee as you want, sip coke out of mini urinals, eat soup from a toilet bowl and so much more. The toilet obsession here goes so far in fact, that the chairs are toilets, too.

Modern Toilet - Taipei
Image: Julie Lanzado/Facebook


11. Cafe Bar & Owl Village – Tokyo, Japan

Bird lovers will really enjoy Tokyo’s Owl Village cafe. Ten friendly owls make up the coffee shop and are welcome to be admired and pet. These adorable birds are friendly, well taken care of and ready to be loved on. When you visit you automatically receive 35 minutes of interaction with them. Need we say more?
Owl Village Unique Asia Cafe

12. Mum’s Not Home – Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong

Mum’s Not Home is a treasure hunter’s dream. Quirky art and knick-knacks fill the cafe top to bottom and what makes it special is where they are from. The paintings that dot the walls are done by one of the owners, Chow. And the pair who owns the place Chow and Makui, put a focus on inclusivity and artistic expression.

Mum's Not Home Cafe

13. DC Heroes Cafe-Singapore

Sip tea with Wonder Woman or indulge in a coffee with Superman – DC Heroes Cafe has it all. This cafe perfectly embodies retro comics and brings the DC characters to life. Clark Kent fans will love the Superman burger.

DC Heroes Cafe

14. Teddy Bear Family – Shanghai, China

Teddy Bear Family in Shanghai is a tribute to all things teddy bear. Stuffed bears of every shape and size cover the cafe head to toe, and their bear lattes are a must. Simply put, Teddy Bear Family does cute better than anyone else.

Teddy Bear Cafe Shanghai
Image: Katya Yen/Facebook


15. Maidreamin’ – Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is famous for it’s uniquely weird but quirky cafes. Maidreamin’ is no exception. Here you’ll be served adorable lattes and bites by ‘maids’. Additionally, it’s customary to wear animal ears and make a ‘meow’ sound when speaking to them. It’s cute, it’s fun, and it’s certainly one of the most unique cafes in Asia.
Maidreamin Cafe Tokyo

16. LINE & Snow Cafe – Seoul, South Korea

Seoul’s Line & Snow Cafe is the world’s largest (and arguably the cutest) Line cafe in the world. This three-story cafe features all of the beloved app’s characters with massive replicas. Be sure to order a coffee with the macaroons which will be made to look like your favourite Line characters.
LINE and Snow Cafe

17. Alice Is Coming – Taipei, Taiwan

Step inside the Wonderland universe at Taipei’s Alice Is Coming cafe. Checkered patterns, teacup tables and Cheshire grins make Alice Is Coming quirky, cute and unique. Order a Queen of Hearts coffee and slip away to Wonderland.

Alice Is Coming Unique Cafe
Image: @christina.w__/instagram


18. Princess Diary Cafe – Seoul, South Korea

At Seoul’s Princess Cafe, you can make all your royal dreams come true. Guests can dress up in their choice of a hanbok, ballgown or wedding dress. And don’t worry, there are plenty of tiaras to go around.

princess diary cafe unique cafe
Image: @funkorea_id/instagram

19. Usagi to Boku

Simply put, Usagi to Boku is dedicated to adorable bunnies, and we love them for it. Their coffees and most of their menu items are bunny themed, which means loads of artsy lattes to choose from.

Kaorin Kielo Cafe Bunny
Image: @kaorin_kielo/instagram

20. Mocking Tales – Bangkok, Thailand

Fancy a gothic fairy tale? Hop over to Bangkok’s Mocking Tales. Here they are all about witches, goblins, sorcery and potions. This cafe is absolutely magical, and its drinks are no exception.

Mocking Tails Thai Cafe
Image: @aunnieaun/instagram


21. Chinchilla Cafe – Shanghai, China

Chinchilla Cafe is a Totoro dream. Totoro replicas scattered throughout and furniture replicas bring the fantasy universe to life. You can even get a coffee that looks like him. The classic Chinchilla coffee comes complete with cream topped with a big marshmallow chunk made to look like Totoro standing on a lotus.

Totoro Cute Cafe
image: @totorosadventures_/instagram


22. Villa Royale – Ho Chi Minh

Villa Royal is eccentric, quirky and curious. Tattoo needles from Myanmar, Buddhist scrolls and other global knick-nacks are part of what makes it so interesting. Take your pick from a classic Lavazza or any one of their 50 tea varieties.
villa royal historical unique cafe

23. Unicorn Cafe – Bangkok, Thailand

Bring your fairy dust rainbow unicorn dreams to life and one of the cutest, quirkiest and most unique cafes in Asia. Plush baby blue couches, coffees and desserts in every colour of the rainbow and cuteness overload make it one of Asia’s most unique cafes. Treat yourself to a pastel galaxy latte or unicorn rainbow waffle at this adorable Bangkok favourite.

unicorn cafe cute cafe asia

24. Thanks Nature Cafe – Seoul, South Korea

If you’re a nature lover, this is the place for you. This Earthy artsy hotspot is full of animal portraits along with plenty of stuffed sheep figurines. In addition to this, there are two sheep that live on the cafe’s outdoor patio area. These fluffy, friendly sweethearts make Thanks Nature Cafe one of the best.
thanks nature cafe pet cafe asia

25. ICE Coffee – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Slip away from Ho Chi Minh’s hot city streets and into the igloo that is ICE Coffee. The entire cafe is carved from ice – yes, even the chairs and tables. Grab a hot cup of coffee and one of their thermal coats to keep warm in one of the most unique cafes in Asia.

ICE coffee house singapore

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