7 Perfect Movies For two Hour Flight

7 Perfect Movies To Watch On A Two Hour Flight

Passing the time on a flight is no easy task so we wanted to find the best movies for a two hour flight.

Essentially, with take off and landing taken into account, you have 90 minutes to tuned in and watch a full film. From nostalgic classics to horror flicks, these movies will absolutely engross you. Simply download them to your laptop, phone or tablet in advance and see how fast the time flies by.

Don’t worry about having to watch the last few minutes at the baggage carousel or in the taxi, because these are the perfect movies for a two hour flight…

1. The Lion King (88 Minutes)

Forget about the modern remastered version and prepare to sit back and watch one of the most moving movies of all time. This Disney classic never gets old.

2. This Is Spinal Tap (82 Minutes)

Probably the greatest ever movie made about a band ever. A true masterpiece that will have you absolutely captivated for the whole flight.

3. Borat (94 Minutes)

A laugh a minute as Borat makes his way across America. Your fellow passengers may not be happy with your uncontrollable laughing, but hey, who cares?

4. Airplane! (88 Minutes)

As long as you don’t have any fear of flying this is easily the best movie about airplanes ever. As funny today as it ever was. This spoof comedy makes fun of 1970s disaster movies, all on the setting of an airplane.

5. Run Lola Run (87 Minutes)

Set in Berlin, this is an hour and a half of pure non-stop action as a woman needs to find money to save her boyfriend’s life within 20 minutes. It’s gripping.

6. The Evil Dead (85 Minutes)

One for those of you who don’t mind having the living daylights scared out of you when around other people. A group of friends head to a cabin, open a book and all sorts of evil is set loose. Just make sure you don’t have any drinks on your tray table – you’ll more than likely knock them over!

7. Toy Story (81 Minutes)

One that will keep the kids and the adults among you happy. It doesn’t matter how many times you have seen it, as it always brings a smile to your face. You won’t even notice the time race by.


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