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7 Must-Visit New Michelin Star Restaurants In The UK

Planning a fancy meal out in 2020? The Great Britain and Ireland Michelin Stars for 2020 were recently announced, with some amazing new restaurants making into the guide for the first time. Here’s our top picks of the new Michelin Star restaurants in London and across England and Scotland.

From the first Star in Manchester in over 40 years to a restaurant in London where 16 guests eat at the same table… The UK’s food scene has never been so strong. Put these places on your food bucket list ASAP, before reservations fill up for the entire year ahead…

Must-Visit New Michelin Star Restaurants UK 2020How do these rankings work?

1. Mãos – Shoreditch, London

Type of food on the menu: Surprise tasting menu

What Michelin has to say: “Up to 16 guests dine together around a large table and the multi-course surprise menu offers a masterclass in originality, balance and depth.”

2. Da Terra – Bethnal Green, London

Type of food on the menu: South American with Italian influences

What Michelin has to say: “There are hints of Latin America and Italy. The harmony of flavours and contrast in textures are memorable. The chefs serve the dishes themselves and explain them with zeal.”

3. The Angel – Hetton, North Yorkshire 

Type of food on the menu: Modern British

What Michelin has to say: ” Accomplished cooking respects the classics but is delivered with a well-judged modern touch. Flavours are natural yet vivid.”

4. Condita – Edinburgh, Scotland

Type of food on the menu: Modern Scottish dishes

What Michelin has to say: “Two surprise menus list interesting modern dishes which are confidently prepared and skilfully presented. Flavours are honest yet delicate.”

5. Interlude – Lower Beeding, West Sussex

Type of food on the menu: Modern British using local ingredients

What Michelin has to say: “The team hail from South Africa but the two surprise tasting menus keep their focus firmly on the local area. Skilful dishes show good balance in their textures and flavours, and have a creative, original style.”

new michelin star restaurants

6. Mana – Manchester

Type of food on the menu: Modern European/Nordic

What Michelin has to say: “The menu is a perfect 12-16 course surprise. Exciting modern dishes with Nordic influences are original and complex in their delivery.”

new michelin star restaurants

7. Pensons – Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire 

Type of food on the menu: Seasonal and local British dishes

What Michelin has to say: “Scandic-style dishes deliver flavours and foraging, fermenting and pickling all play their part.”

new michelin star restaurants

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