Polish Restaurants In London

The 7 Best Polish Restaurants In London

beWhere can you find pierogies in the city? At the best Polish restaurants in London, of course! However, you’ll also find that the best spots in the city serve up some of the most mouth-watering plates of bigos, kotlet schabowy, and gołąbki as well.

Polish food is truly a delight and with such a large community of Polish people living in London, you’ll find that the restaurants here are usually extremely authentic, serving up plates that have been crafted using family recipes passed on for generations and generations.

Never tasted Polish food before? You’re in for quite a treat. We’re comin’ at you with the seven best Polish restaurants in London. Get ready to graze your way through the city’s most delicious ode to Poland.

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1. Autograf Restaurant

Dining at Autograf Restaurant is a great way to transport yourself straight to Poland without ever leaving London. You can enjoy Polish fares such as stews, pancakes and dumplings. But, you’ll also be delighted by the numerous kinds of flavoured vodkas they offer. Not sure what to order? Your server can likely help you out.

Polish Restaurants In London

2. Folk House Zakopane

This charming and friendly Polish restaurant excels in more than a few areas. Specialising in ‘Highlander’ cuisine, the menu here is based on dishes you’ll find in a  mountainous area of Poland near the Czech border. Portions are huge and each and every dish is absolutely bursting with local flavour. Definitely try some mixed dumplings and cabbage. But, save room for dessert.

Polish Restaurants In London

3. Daquise Restaurant

It’s hard to talk about the best Polish restaurants in London without mentioning Daquise, which has been serving delicious, traditional Polish cuisine for over sixty years. The restaurant itself holds quite a rich history, but not nearly as rich as the flavours that burst from each of their food-filled plates. Stop by for their set-lunch menu so you can enjoy a sampling of more than a few delicious plates.

Polish Restaurants In London

4. Pause Coffee

While this cafe’s name makes it sound like just another English coffee shop, it’s actually one of the best spots in London to indulge in a variety of Polish treats. The vibes are super laidback, making it a great spot to stop for a quick bite if you’re on-the-go. The menu changes daily, but they serve up a mean pork tenderloin in chanterelles sauce as well as some of the city’s most authentic pierogies.

5. Miod Malina

When you’re after more than just Polish food and feel a craving for the culture and decor, check out Miod Malina. It’s not only home to the best Polish food in West London, but you’ll find that they also serve up some pretty traditional decor that’ll make you feel right at home. Standard dishes range from pork chops and pierogies all the way through to some pretty world-class potato pancakes and hot apple pies.

6. Baltic Restaurant & Bar

Ready to go on a tour of the Baltics, Poland, Russia and Hungary? Here, you can. And, they even serve over 70 varieties of vodka straight from the deep freeze in frozen glasses. What’s better than fine Polish food and freezing Polish vodka? Not much. They even make their own flavoured vodka, which pairs nicely with their black sausages and pork schnitzel.

7. White Goose

Sure, White Goose might be located just outside of London in Stratford, but it’s well worth the short journey to get there. The fine dining atmosphere ensures you’ll enjoy a complete evening of superb service and some great Polish dishes. Whether you sample the bigos or opt for something more luxurious like goose thigh confit served on caramelised quince chutney…you’re going to leave here satisfied.

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