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7 Quarantine Comfort Food Recipes To Make At Home

With most of the world cooped up at home, restaurants closed and people relying on pantry staples for nourishing meals, our new recipe series has all the quarantine comfort food recipes you could need. From hearty tuna pastas to cheesy nachos, pimped-out instant noodles and more, these dishes will fill your belly with goodness.

Best of all, they’re seriously easy to cook, with each dish using just 7 ingredients. Here’s some of our favourite recipes we’ve been making this week – why not give these a go?

Quarantine Comfort Food Recipes

1. Simple & Delicious Tinned Tuna Pasta Recipe

If you’re trying to make something delicious out of all that tinned food in your pantry, this rich, tomatoey tuna pasta is perfect. The cooking time is quick, the flavours big and this is an ideal meal for making in bulk and eating over a few days.

tinned tuna pasta recipe 

2. Pimped Out 7 Minute Instant Noodles Recipe

Think instant noodles are boring? Think again. These pot noodles with fresh prawns (switch in any kind of protein you might have, such as chicken or even a fried egg!) are super gourmet. Best bit is that it takes less than 7 minutes to cook and about 10 minutes to prepare.

Packet Noodles Recipe

3. Greek-Style Tinned Tuna Baked Potato Recipe

Sometimes, only a loaded baked potato will do the trick for a simple lunch or afternoon snack. This classic dish is taken to the next level level here with vibrant beetroot and salty feta cheese. Plus, it’s something a little different to make with all that tinned tuna you have in the cupboard…

tinned tuna baked potato recipe

4. Tinned Food Recipe: The Ultimate Cheesy Nachos

Craving some sort of quarantine comfort food recipe that’s loaded with cheese? These cheesy tuna nachos are the perfect snack. Ready in just 15 minutes, you can serve them family-style for the whole gang to pick at over a cosy movie night in.

Tinned Food Recipe

5. Quick-Fire Chilli Beef Noodles

These noodles are have an amazing fire to them that comes from the dry chilli flakes, along with a great crunch from the mangetout. If you can get fresh noodles they are best, but dried noodles also work well. They’re spicy, and full of flavour.

Quarantine Comfort Food Recipes

6. Tomato Soup With Zingy Chicken Strips

This heart-warming creamy tomato soup is a quick and easy lunch idea. You can make the soup in a big batch to freeze too, while the cajun chicken strips are perfect for dunking! Leave out the chillies and the recipe is an absolute winner for the kids, too.

Coronavirus Pantry Cooking

7. The Superfood Veggie Pasta Recipe Even Meat-Lovers Will Adore

It’s important to keep your fresh veggie intake up when you’re self-isolating, so this pasta ticks all the boxes. This superfood veggie pasta recipe is one of those go-to dishes that you simply won’t be able to live without once you know how to cook it. A perfect pre-work out fix that will leave you full of energy.

Quarantine Comfort Food Recipes

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