easy vegetarian recipes

7 Quick & Easy Vegetarian Recipes

For those days when you find yourself staring into the cupboards of fridge, mindlessly wondering what to make, we have you covered. These dishes are the perfect easy vegetarian recipes to whip up in less than 30 minutes. Full of flavour, and simple to make… Yum, yum and more yum.

Quick & Easy Vegetarian Recipes

1. 7-Ingredient Minestrone Soup

This minestrone soup recipe is one of those classic, wholesome and nourishing dishes that once you learn you will always return to. Add in the fact that it is seriously affordable and can be made in less than 30 minutes, and this recipe ticks every box.

easy vegetarian recipes

2. Mexican-Style Roasted Corn With Chilli & Lime

This Mexican-style roasted corn tastes just as good as authentic elotes you’ll find from street vendors on every corner of Mexico. With little-to-no prep and a cooking time of less than 20 minutes, you’ll be making this again and again.

Mexican Style Roasted Corn

3. Spaghetti With Fresh Tomato & Basil Sauce

This classic spaghetti with fresh tomato and basil sauce is, quite simply, an all-time great. Pasta dishes shouldn’t be overcomplicated, and this one shows how good ingredients and some simple techniques is all you need.

Spaghetti With Fresh Tomato

4. 7-Ingredient Cheat Shakshuka  

This cheat shakshuka recipe is the ideal way to create one of the world’s tastiest brunch dishes from the comfort of your home. Brunch can be pricey, so why not invite some friends over and create this simple feast instead? It’s quick to make too – just throw everything into one pan!

Cheat Shasouka Recipe

5. Roast Mediterranean Vegetables

Bored with all the usual side dishes you serve with your meal? Then these roast Mediterranean vegetables are perfect for you. They could be served as an appetiser too, but we reckon they’re best as a side with grilled meat or fish, or as part of a BBQ feast.

Roast Mediterranean Vegetables

6. Leek & Potato Soup With Blue Cheese Dippers

You’ll defo be bookmarking this for your easy vegetarian recipes list. Sometimes you just want a hearty bowl of soup; this creamy leek and potato version with blue cheese dippers takes things to a whole new level.

easy vegetarian recipes

7. Superfood Veggie Pasta

This superfood veggie pasta recipe is one of those go-to dishes that you simply won’t be able to live without once you know how to cook it. A perfect pre-work out fix that will leave you full of energy. Ready in just 15-20 minutes, you can throw in whatever veg you have in the fridge, too.

easy vegetarian recipes

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