Restaurants Are Implementing Social Distancing

Chefs Around The World React To Restaurant Social Distancing Plans

We’ve been covering restaurant social distancing plans in great detail, from some unique examples to reporting on our own personal experiences in Asia. There is little doubt that the dining out experience is going to change all over the world. And needless to say, chefs and restaurateurs have a lot to say about it.

As the re-opening date starts to approach for F&B businesses in various countries, concerns grow. Safety is obviously paramount, but chefs and business owners are faced with some stark choices. Will they be able to afford to open? Can they turn a profit? What measures will they have to implement? From London to NYC, here’s how restaurants are reacting. We’ve rounded up some of the best coverage of restaurant social distancing plan around the world…

Chefs React To Restaurant Social Distancing Plans

Restaurant Social Distancing Plans

Restaurant Social Distancing Plans

The consensus seems to be that re-opening with social distancing is at best going to be unprofitable, and at worst impossible. Some restaurants won’t have enough money or enough customers to see them through. How to survive? The verdict is out.

Much of the debate seems to hinge on more government support. Is this enough to prop up an entire industry? They certainly vary from country to country. Unfortunately, it seems there’s tough and uncertain times ahead.

See a list of relief funds for restaurants here.

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