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Self Isolating With Kids? Here Are The 7 Best Family Films On Netflix

Are you cooped up inside due to quarantine and self-isolation caused by the Coronavirus? It can be hard to stay indoors, especially with little ones at home. Whether you enjoy children’s movies or have some kiddos of yourself, you can pass the time with these faves. Here are the seven best family films on Netflix.

Best Family Films On Netflix

1. Hugo

This heartwarming film follows the life of an orphaned boy. Living alone in a Paris train station, he sets out on a journey girl who will become his friend for life. It’s whimsical, it’s quirky and most of all, it’s sweet. The entire family is sure to enjoy this Scorsese gem.

childrens films netflix

2. The Little Prince

Following the legendary novella of the same name, The Little Prince showcases the innocence and wonder of children. The Little Prince will make you want to reignite your childhood imagination and set off an adventure of your own.

childrens films netflix

3. Coraline

James and The Giant Peach meet s Alice In Wonderland in this whimsical, creepy and heartwarming film. A young girl named Coraline travels to a paralyzed world where, at first glance, everything seems perfect. She can get whatever she wants, but little does know that it will come at a cost. Warning: This movie may be a little bit too much for little ones but aged around ten or older should enjoy.

4. Klaus

Don’t let the subtle Christmas theme dissuade you from enjoying Klaus in Spring. This charming, wintery movie tells a tale of generosity, friendships, and how small acts of kindness can make a big difference. Klaus follows the life of a selfish, entitled young man who makes an unlikely friend in a local recluse.

childrens films netflix

5. Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events

This Roald Dahl-esque film is classic for all ages and is perfect for enjoying as a family. Lemony Snicket’s A Series OF Unfortunate Events tells a story of loss through sibling Violet, Klaus and Sunny. After the tragic death fo their parents, they are sent to live with a strange relative who is scheming, cruel and selfish. Or is he?

childrens films netflix

6. Space Jam

Nineties kids will remember Space Jam as being one of the coolest and most entertaining films of their childhood. Space Jam follows real-life basketball legend Michael Jordan when he is abducted by Bugs Bunny who needs his help to defeat a criminal alien group.

7. The Adventures of Tintin

Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of the classic comic book character is favourite among adults and children for its nostalgic charm and deep dive into child-like wonder. The movie centres around a young reporter named Tintin and his dog. When his dog brings him a mysterious scroll, he sets off on an adventure for the ages involving shipwrecks, evil masterminds and more.

childrens films netflix

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