Southeast Asian dishes

7 Southeast Asian Dishes You Have To Try

A region rich in culture and amazing flavours, these Southeast Asian dishes showcase the very best food from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

You might not be able to travel there right now, but we wanted to highlight some of the best recipes from the region. These recipes come from the very best food bloggers in the world, so make sure to bookmark their sites.

Once you learn these Southeast Asian recipes you will be cooking them on a regular basis. The beauty is that you can tinker with them and add any additional fresh produce you have. Time to get cooking.

Best Southeast Asian Dishes

1. Nasi Goreng – Indonesia

If you like fried rice, you can’t miss the Indonesian and Malay version called nasi goreng. It is cooked with a chili paste consisting of bird’s-eye chili, shallot, garlic, belacan (a local shrimp paste), and anchovies.

Recipe created by KP Kwan.

2. Beef Pho – Vietnam

This Southern-style pho is the ultimate Vietnamese noodle soup. Although pho originally comes from Hanoi in the north, it’s popular all across the country. Southern Vietnam makes pho a little ‘punchier’, with more herbs, spices and star anise. This recipe is gluten-free, except for the hoisin sauce which you can easily serve on the side.

Recipe created by Stacy.

3. Burmese Khow Suey – Myanmar

If you can call something a bowl of happiness, this could well be it. Burmese Khow Suey is a delicious noodle dish made with egg noodles, curried chicken and coconut milk. Served with a variety of condiments, each spoon full of soup you eat will be bursting with flavours!

Recipe created by Arun.

4. Slow Cooker Beef Rendang – Malaysia

Packed with flaky, fall-apart beef cooked in creamy coconut milk with fragrant lemongrass, kaffir lime, galangal, ginger and a myriad of spices, this traditional Malaysian slow cooker beef rendang can be left to bubble away in the kitchen while you get on with your day!

5. Cambodian Prawn Amok – Cambodia

Cambodian Amok is a wonderfully fragrant Cambodian curry that uses lemongrass, turmeric, garlic, chilli, ginger and shallot to create a powerfully flavoursome curry paste. You’ll find this traditional dish in restaurants all across the country.

Recipe created by Elizabeth.

Southeast Asian dishes

6. Larb Gai – Thailand

Larb Gai is with chicken, but it can be made with any type of ground meat ( pork, beef, or turkey).  This dish is quick and easy to make with very few ingredients. The only one that may be difficult to find is the toasted rice powder, which gives Larb its unique flavor and texture.

Recipe created by Renee.

Southeast Asian dishes

7. Chicken Adobo – The Philippines

Chicken Adobo is a Filipino dish made by braising chicken legs (thighs and/or drumsticks) in a sauce made up of vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and black pepper.

Recipe is by The Recipe Critic.

Southeast Asian dishes

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