Spicy Sausage Gnocchi

Spicy Sausage Gnocchi With Tomatoes, Thyme & Chilli

This spicy sausage gnocchi is one of those gorgeous plates of food you would find in a local trattoria in Italy. The beauty of this particular recipe though, is that you can now create it from the comfort of your on home. You can also do it in less than 20 minutes. Seriously.

This is the latest dish in our series of tasty recipes that feature just 7 simple ingredients. They are all super tasty and can be made by people of any cooking ability.

Most supermarkets, stories and delis have fresh gnocchi now, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Of course, you can swap it out for any other type of pasta you have to hand, too. You should also pay a little extra for a higher quality Italian spicy sausage as that will make all the difference to the end result.

Spicy Sausage Gnocchi: Ingredients

  • Spicy Italian sausage
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Thyme
  • Garlic
  • Fresh gnocchi
  • Red chillies
  • Onions

Start by doing all the prep. That means peeling and chopping the onions and garlic as thinly as you possibly can. Pick the thyme leaves away from the more stalky branches. Also, chop the chillies, leaving the seeds in for an extra kick if you like that fiery taste! Leave the seeds out if you don’t like too much spice.

Spicy Sausage Gnocchi

Heat a large pan and add a super generous amount of good olive oil. Fry the garlic, chillies and onion over a low heat for about 4/5 minutes.

You want to slowly extract the flavour here, and not add any colour to the garlic & chilli

Next, add in the washed cherry tomatoes. You can turn the heat up to a low to medium heat at this stage. The sauce will take about 12-15 minutes to make, and will need stirring on occasion.

When the tomatoes have blistered and are starting to turn to a sauce-style consistency, add in the sausage. Cook for another 3-4 minutes.

Spicy Sausage Gnocchi

Boil the gnocchi in super hot water with a pinch of salt added into the water. Give them a quick stir so that they don’t get stuck together.

Spicy Sausage Gnocchi

Follow the instructions on the gnocchi (they should only take 2-3 minutes to cook if fresh) and then strain when ready. Add them to the sauce. Toss them around, so that every single piece of gnocchi is coasted with that wonderful rich and spicy tomato sauce.

Spicy Sausage Gnocchi

Serve the dish up, making sure to spoon plenty of the cooking liquid over the top for maximum flavour, and garnish with a sprig of thyme for colour.

Spicy Sausage Gnocchi

The spicy sausage gnocchi is an all-time winning dish. A taste sensation.

Spicy Sausage Gnocchi

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