The 20 Best Bike Friendly Cities

The 20 Most Bike-Friendly Cities In The World: 2019

Fancy renting a bike to do some exploring in a new city? Well, as every cyclist knows (amateur or professional), not all urban areas are equal when it comes to cycling.

No cycling lanes, potholes on the road and zero bike rack facilities are just some of the problems you encounter. But there are several cities where it’s actually a joy to hop on the bike, and we’ve got the Top 20.

The ranking was done by The Copenhagenize Index, which is the most comprehensive ranking of bicycle-friendly cities there is.

Not surprisingly, Copenhagen topped the list. The city even has bike-only bridges and highways, which makes sense—there’s more bikes than cars here and most people cycle to work. As for where else is doing its bit for the bike? Check out the top cycling cities below…

Best Bike-Friendly Cities In The World: 2019

1. Copenhagen, Denmark
2. Amsterdam, Netherlands
3. Utrecht, Netherlands
4. Antwerp, Belgium
5. Strasbourg, France

6. Bordeaux, France
7. Oslo, Norway
8. Paris, France
9. Vienna, Austria
10. Helsinki, Finland

bike friendly city

11. Bremen, Germany
12. Bogotá, Colombia
13. Barcelona, Spain
14. Ljubljana, Slovenia
15. Berlin, Germany

16. Tokyo, Japan
17. Taipei, Taiwan
18. Montréal, Canada, and Vancouver, Canada
20. Hamburg, Germany

The 2019 rankings also sees a number of new faces from all over the world on the Top 20 like Bogotà, Bremen, Taipei and Vancouver – newcomers that are showing other cities how possible it is to make our urban centres become bike-friendly cities.

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