Beaches In Indonesia

The 7 Best Beaches In Indonesia

Planning a seaside getaway? You’ve come to the right place, as the very best beaches in Indonesia are some of the most beautiful in the world. Whether you’re travelling as a family, in a couple or solo, these are the beaches that will win you over with crashing waves and soft sand.

This fun country has the perfect stretch of sand for everyone: couples looking for a romantic bay, families on a day out and watersports thrill-seekers…

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1. Seminyak Beach – Bali

Seminyak Beach has a splendid coast of gold to dark sand and gorgeous sunsets, with a lively vibe and lots of beach bars.

The impressive 5km stretch of sand is lined with sunset cocktail spots, luxury resorts and colourful bean bags, just steps away from the waves.

2. Pink Beach – Komodo Island

Pink Beach, or Pantai Merah, is one of just seven pink beaches on the planet, and is only one of the many amazing places to see on Komodo Island that makes it a Natural Wonder of Nature. This beautiful beach gets its pink hue from microscopic animals called Foraminifera, which produces a red pigment on the coral reefs.

3. Mawi Beach – Lombok

You’ll find Mawi Beach between Selong Belanak Beach and Mawun Beach. From Kuta Beach, you need to travel west about 45 minutes towards the Selong Belanak Beach direction. This beach is super popular for surfing, especially for intermediate to experienced surfers.

Image: @anna_carolina_ac/Instagram

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4. Tanjung Aan Beach – Lombok

This is the most incredible white sandy beach, made up of two bays. This beautiful place is called Tanjung Aan, the birthplace of the legendary princess Mandalika. There’s views of nearby beaches, coconut trees and farmland, while the white sand has a unique texture thanks to tiny little fossils. It’s soft and oh-so white.

5. Tanjung Kelayang Beach – Belitung Island

This scenic stretch of white sandy beach is decorated with large boulders, as if scattered by some giant hand. There’s a few nearby islands that are great to explore, so try out your kayaking skills or do some other watersports. Its clear blue waters and white sand make it one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia.

Beaches In Indonesia

6. Gili Meno – Lombok

Gili Meno is is the smallest island among the highly popular Gili islands cluster. Around the island are three dive spots with fascinating coral reefs and unique creatures. Explore dive spots such as the Meno Wall, Sea Point Turtle, and Point Coral Blue. There are also underwater statues by international artist Jason de Caires Taylor that will fascinate all divers!

Beaches In Indonesia

7. Padang Padang Beach – Uluwatu

Uluwatu is home of the most famous waves in Bali; Padang Padang beach is one of the best surfing spots. The spot offers several waves which are working with different swells and tides, with tidal swimming pools and rock caves to explore. Even if you’re not a surfer, chilling out on the sand watching the activity is a must-do in Bali.

Beaches In Indonesia
Image: John Ion
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