Best Caribbean Islands For Millennials

The 7 Best Caribbean Islands For Millennials

You might think that Caribbean islands are only for well-off retirees, but there’s some pretty amazing affordable beach vacations. We’ve got the best Caribbean islands for millennials to travel to.

These tropical vacation spots have it all: white sandy beaches, lush palm trees, boozy cocktails and a laid-back vibe. We’ll be moving to one of these beautiful islands ASAP…

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1. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean island south of Miami with magnificent national parks, mountain ranges, rivers, and beaches and a rich culture.

It’s an ideal place for a relaxing break and has some truly incredible resorts and golf courses. It’s also an affordable destination, so it’s one of the best Caribbean islands for millennials.

2. Cozumel, Mexico 

Cozumel is where the first rays of sunshine hit Mexico, making sunrises here unforgettable. The island is a popular place for divers and explorers.

There’s also plenty of ecotourism activities such as zip wires, rappelling, kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, fishing, golf, motorcycle rides, bicycles, canoes and kayaks.

3. Jamaica

Jamaica is an island of vivid landscapes, rainforests, golden beaches and a laid-back vibe that will make you instantly fall in love with it.  Meet friendly people, try amazing food and watch the sunset over the Caribbean Sea to the sound of slow reggae rhythms.

Sounds like paradise? That’s because it is. Go on rum tasting tours and lounge on the white sand.

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4. Puerto Rico

Did you know that Puerto Rico is the third largest Caribbean island and an unincorporated U.S. territory? Made of the main island and several smaller islands, it’s a pretty beautiful place to spend some time.

Although the island was ravaged by a hurricane in late 2017 they have been rebuilding and tourists are returning to support the economy – there’s plenty of incredible things to see here. It’s really on the rise so is a great place to start something new.

5. Curacao

Curacao is just a short plane ride away from Aruba, which means you can find flights for less than $100 if you want to hop between the two islands.

It’s a Dutch Caribbean island, most famous for the iconic multi-coloured Dutch houses that line the island’s main port. Here, you can enjoy perfect weather pretty much year-round, excellent diving, and stunning desert flora and fauna.

The best part? Curacao’s airport is pretty big, which means there are frequent flights and it’s easy to find cheap airfare.

Best Caribbean Islands For Millennials

6. Saint Martin

The tiny Caribbean island of St Maarten (or St Martin if you are on the French side of things) is a destination that has something for everybody.

It’s a popular cruise ship destination, has gorgeous beaches and some of the best nightlife going. You’ve a huge choice of beaches when you are on the island but you should make a special effort to get to Mullet Bay one on the Dutch side of the island.

Best Caribbean Islands For Millennials

7. Tobago 

Not as well known as its sister island Trinidad, but Tobago is actually said to be the island upon which the book Robinson Crusoe was based. The island is a rich tapestry of steep mountains, dense tropical forests and lush beeches.

There’s a great choice of luxury all-inclusive resorts, with the bonus of being on an unspoilt paradise island. Tobago is a must-visit for millennials looking for some peace and quiet.

Best Caribbean Islands For Millennials

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