best cities in Asia for millennials

The 7 Best Cities In Asia For Millennials

Millennials all over the world are finding more happiness in cities, studies show, as opposed to small towns. The reasons why make sense, as there’s better career opportunities and lifestyle. As for the best cities in Asia for millennials?

They need to tick a few boxes: cost of living, affordability of rent, local nightlife, and overall well-being.

Here’s the best cities in Asia for millennials in 2020 according to the following criteria:

Best Cities in Asia For MillennialsHow do these rankings work?

1. Seoul, South Korea

The city with the fastest internet in the world? Seoul, South Korea. If your work depends a lot on high-speed internet, then check out this city. Seoul also ranked pretty high for millennials interested in great food and quality education.

N Seoul Tower

2. Bangkok, Thailand

If you’re not a digital nomad, then Bangkok might not be the place for you. With virtually no business opportunities for foreigners, Bangkok’s ranking seemed to be skewed by the fact that people here are friendly, beer is cheap, and so is housing. Oh, and easy access to lots of islands.

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3. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is another city that we think was skewed by millennials who work remotely. With virtually no business opportunities for foreigners and fairly low scores in terms of openness and personal freedom, Taipei seems like a city for digital nomads who love cheap beer.

best things to do in Taipei

4. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is actually one of the most expensive cities in the world, so young people here need to either have a lot of savings or be getting paid the big bucks. However, tourism is strong and millennials seem to love the food culture here.

best cities in Asia for millennials

5. Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou ranks among the top cities for millennials largely thanks to its low cost of living. According to ValueChampion, the average resident spends a reasonable 22% of their income on rent.

best cities in Asia for millennials

6. Tokyo, Japan

Millennials have superb career options in Tokyo, with the city boasting a low unemployment rate of just 2.5%. Low pollution and crime levels also contribute to an overall high quality of live for people who live here.

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7. Singapore

The famed city from Crazy Rich Asians also scores well for millennials, with a lively entertainment scene and fantastic travel options throughout the city. A low unemployment rate and a competitive business environment helps boost its ranking.

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