best cities in Europe for millennials

The 7 Best Cities In Europe For Millennials

Millennials all over the world are finding more happiness in cities, studies show, as opposed to small towns. The reasons why make sense, as there’s better career opportunities and lifestyle. As for the best cities in Europe for millennials?

They need to tick a few boxes: cost of living, affordability of rent, local nightlife, and overall well-being.

Here’s the best cities in Europe for millennials in 2020 according to the following criteria:

Best Cities in Europe For MillennialsHow do these rankings work?

1. Berlin, Germany

Berlin’s topped the list of the best cities for millennials for years, fluctuating between the first and second spot for the last year or two. An unbeatable nightlife as well as pretty liberal views make Berlin extremely attractive for millennials, with factor hurting its ranking being the cold winters.

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2. Barcelona, Spain

As a millennial, it seems that Barcelona offers it all. From stunning beaches and a rich party culture to excellent cuisine and one of the best startup scenes in Europe, Barcelona is a millennial’s paradise.

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3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

There’s little that Amsterdam doesn’t offer millennials, aside from cheap housing. Here, you can expect to enjoy a quality social life, lots of personal freedoms, and great job opportunities. It’s also hard to beat the fact that the Dutch are amongst some of the happiest people on the planet.

best cities in Europe for millennials

4. Cologne, Germany

Cologne scored highest for its nightlife, followed closely by the fact that it’s incredibly LGBT-friendly. Millennials both native and foreign consistently ranked the city pretty high, though, in terms of networking opportunities and quality of life.

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5. London, United Kingdom

Not even the outrageous housing prices could stop London from sneaking into the top twelve. Millennials are crazy about London, which offers them trendy dining choices, a superb education system, and a pretty great startup scene to join.

best cities in Europe for millennials

6. Hamburg, Germany

There are a surprising amount of job opportunities in Hamburg for hungry young folk looking to advance in their career. Despite average scores pretty much across the board, statistics show rising millennial trends there. Local millennials love where they live.

best cities in Europe for millennials

7. Madrid, Spain

The metro in Madrid is one of the most well-connected metros in Europe, making the city ideal for those who care a lot about their morning commute. You’ll also find that housing here is pretty cheap compared to other capital cities in Europe, which is great considering you’re going to want to spend your savings on cheap beer and great food while you’re here.

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