The Busiest Airports In Europe

The 7 Busiest Airports In Europe

Do you have an obsession with flying? Or maybe you dread the moment you set foot into an airport? A business traveler who sees every airport in the world? But which are the busiest airports in Europe?

Whether you love to fly or dread it, the one thing for sure some airports are better than others and we all have our favourites.

We’ve broken it down by passenger numbers (if you want to see more detail you can check out the top 10 busiest airports in the world here.) While some airports listed come as no surprise, there are a few little surprises…

The Busiest Airports In EuropeHow do these rankings work?

1. London Heathrow – England

Total passengers: 80,126,320

2. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport – France

Total passengers: 72,229,723

3. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – The Netherlands

Total passengers: 71,053,147

The Busiest Airports In Europe

4. Frankfurt Airport – Germany

Total passengers: 69,510,269

5. Istanbul Airport – Turkey

Total passengers: 68,192,683

6. Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport – Spain

Total passangers: 57,891,340

7. Barcelona–El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport – Spain

Total passangers: 50,172,457

Interested in all things airports? Check out our airport guides below!

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Sarah Clayton-Lea
Sarah Clayton-Lea

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