7 Best Grenada Instagram

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Grenada

Grenada is a vibrant Caribbean country with a main island, also called Grenada, and smaller surrounding islands.

It’s called Spice Island thanks to the tempting smell of locally grown nutmeg in the air, and Grenada will surprise you with its beauty.

Looking for the best places to take photos in the Caribbean? We’ve got you covered. These are the must-see spots for a Grenada Instagram snap..

1. Container Park

This fun, eco-friendly food court of shipping containers is a great place to go for a bite to eat.

There’s a cute vegan stall that changes its menu daily, and the park also hosts a Friday Food Festival.


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2. Charlie’s Bar

You can’t visit Saint George without stopping by for a drink at the colourful Charlie’s Bar.

Every square inch of this roadside bar is brightly painted in the nation’s colours and those funky tires make for a great Grenada Instagram shot.


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3. Concord Waterfalls

Fancy a mountain hike? You’ll be well rewarded for your efforts at Concord Falls, which is a series of three crystal clear waterfalls.

Don’t forget your camera – the scenery here is too beautiful not to photograph. Jumping into the pools here is the perfect way to cool down.


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4. Fort Wolf

These outrageously Instagrammable eco-cabins are in the rainforest, with cocoa trees and a river on your doorstep.

The hosts are super friendly, and you’ll get to feast on authentic Grenadian food and drink. But let’s be honest, you’re just here for those adorable wooden cabins. If you’re lucky enough to get a booking, that is…


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5. Underwater Sculpture Park

One of the most popular snorkeling sites in Grenada is an underwater gallery of sculptures in the Molinere Beauséjour Marine Area.

The sculptures have become part of the ocean floor and are a quirky way to see contemporary art with a difference. This is one Grenada Instagram photo you have to have.


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6. River Antoine Estate

This privately owned distillery has been making rum in pretty much the same way since the 1800s.

River Antoine proudly makes their pure sugar cane juice rum from locally grown, hand cut, organic sugar cane and it’s SO good. Take a tour here to see how it’s done and pose at the pretty flower-covered buildings.


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7. Grand Anse Beach

While there’s 45 beaches on the island of Grenada, none of them compare to this gorgeous stretch of sand on the south-west coast. Grand Anse beach is the place to be.

Sunbathe in peace, grab a cocktail from one of the many bars along the shore or go snorkeling at a nearby shipwreck where sea turtles swim.  Heaven.


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