Piazza Pretoria Palermo

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Palermo

Palermo is arguably one of the best places for photography in Italy. This coastal town is full of ancient buildings that are full of history and there is definitely no shortage of Instagrammable places in Palermo.

These are the seven Insta-worthy spots in Palermo.

The most Instagrammable spots in PalermoHow do these rankings work?

1. Palermo Cathedral

Palermo Cathedral is the crown jewel of beautiful structures in Sicily. Built in 1185, this Cathedral is a stunning display of beautiful architecture, especially with its large dome and artwork, and is the most Insta-worthy spot in Palermo.

Once you’re done marvelling at this immensely amazing structure, snap away for that ‘Gram!

Palermo Cathedral

2. Oratory of Santa Cita

You’d be forgiven if the outside of the building didn’t amaze you but once you come inside, however, it really is a magical place. This Oratory was first a place of worship and still is to this day, except many of the people that come here today are here to capture photos.

The incredibly intricate design and details of the interior are a delight and is an Instagrammable spot.

Oratory of Santa Cita

3. Piazza Pretoria

Piazza Pretoria is where Palermo’s most beautiful fountain lies. You’ll want to capture shots of the amazing and still pristine statues of the ancient gods and mythological creatures.

This fountain is in such good condition for pictures despite being over 400 years old!

Piazza Pretoria Palermo

4. Santa Maria dello Spasimo

Another historical gem in Palermo is the Santa Maria dello Spasimo. Originally meant to be a church, the construction of the building did not complete leaving it without a roof.

Despite not having a roof, you only need to look up to notice the perfect shot for your ‘Gram.

Santa Maria dello Spasimo Palermo

5. Mondello Beach

You can’t come to Sicily and not make your way to one of the relaxing beaches. At Mondello Beach, you’ll find a long stretch of beach with a wide array of bars, restaurants, and rental places for sun chairs and water-sports equipment.

Mondello Beach is the perfect place to people watch and capture some fantastic beach shots in Palermo.

Mondello Beach Palermo

6. Tile Rooms at the Museum of Majolica Genius

One of the more unique things to photograph in Palermo has to be at the Museum of Majolica Genius. At this museum, you’ll find rooms full of a large collection of different pattern tiles that date all the way back to the 1400’s.

Come to this museum and marvel at the mesmerising sight of all these tiles that are just screaming with Insta-worthiness.

Museum of Majolica Genius Palermo

7. Villa Trabia

Villa Trabia is a charming villa with the most amazing façades you will find on a building in Palermo. This building dates back to the 18th century and today, it serves as a venue for various parties and events in Palermo.

Don’t forget to take shots of the amazing gardens that surround Villa Trabia for your ‘Gram.

Villa Trabia

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