7 Best Trinidad and Tobago Instagram

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is a dual-island Caribbean nation near Venezuela, with distinctive Creole traditions and cuisines.

It has everything you could ever want from a tropical island – white sandy beaches, palm trees and a vibrant atmosphere. You’re gonna want to snap some Trinidad and Tobago Instagram photos while you’re here.

These are the best spots to photograph…

1. Chaguanas Market

This large covered market is a riot of activity as local stalls hawk exotic fruit and veg.

There’s also delicious food stalls selling refreshing snow cones, seafood and spicy goat dishes. Take an hour and just wander.


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2. Rio Seco waterfall

Ideal for swimming and jumps into the plunge pool below, Rio Seco waterfall is in a picturesque setting.

What makes it so special is the emerald green waters that reflect the colours of the trees around the pool. A lovely Trinidad and Tobago Instagram spot.


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3. Maracas Bay

Maracas Bay is on the northside of the island of Trinidad, and is a super spot for surfing and catching some rays.

It’s famous for being home to the popular street food, shark and bake. Don’t leave without trying it.


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4. Macqueripe Bay

You’ll find great bathing, snorkeling and scuba diving at this stretch of beach tucked into a sheltered bay. Rainforest surrounds the bay and adds a rich green backdrop.

Thrill seekers can also go ziplining nearby after diving into the blue waters.


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5. Queen’s Park Savannah Food Stalls

In this large green park (located on the world’s largest traffic roundabout) you’ll see coconut sellers and people rollerblading.

It’s the street food vendors that are the main attraction though. Rum smoothies, chicken wings and rotis are just some of the tasty treats you’ll try.


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6. Argyle Falls

Tobago’s most famous waterfall is a three-tiered drop of 54 metres. You hike for about 15 minutes through the jungle to reach the fall, and you’ll hear the rush of the water before you see it.

The third level is the best for swimming and diving, FYI.


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7. Pigeon Point Beach

Pigeon Point is exactly what you think of when you picture a Caribbean beach. Palm trees, coral reefs and turquoise waters make this Tobago’s most famous beach.

The wooden beach hut at the end of the jetty is especially pretty.


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