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Australian Tourism Stats For 2019

For many, a trip Down Under is an absolute bucket list item. So, we wanted to look into the Australian tourism stats to see where exactly people go in Oz and what they do when there.

It is an entire continent after all, and with so many cities, beaches, rainforests and natural landscapes to choose from you can see why people struggle to know where to start.

According to Tourism Australia….

Top Line Australian Tourism Stats

  • 9.2 million international visitors to Australia in 2018
  • $41.3 billion total international visitor spend in Australia in 2017
  • 1004 people arrive into Australia every hour
  • 1.4 million travellers from New Zealand arrived in Australia in 2017

Australian tourism arrivals by state

The vast majority of arrivals were attracted to Sydney to see its iconic harbour, Bondi beach and the Opera House. Victoria, which is home to Melbourne, came in second place.

Australian Visitors

Where do most tourists in Australia come from?

Fort the most part, people who visit Australia come from the USA, Europe and South East Asia which other emerging markets starting to compete. The following chart shows Tourism Australia’s projections for 2025:

A more detailed breakdown of their spend can be seen below (click here for a high res version).

Australian tourism Stats

How much money do tourists spend in Australia?

Why do so many tourists come to Australia?

One of the main reasons is that the country is incredibly good at marketing itself.

National and local tourist boards have a great core product to work with in terms of their cities, food and beaches, but they also churn out great campaigns like this Superbowl advert…

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