Turkish restaurants in London

The 7 Best Turkish Restaurants In London

With just over 350,000 Turks living in London, it comes as no surprise that there are numerous delectable restaurants where you can get quality, authentic Turkish food.

However, with so much choice, it’s hard to figure out just where to go to eat the best of the best. So, we wanted to go out in search of the seven best Turkish restaurants in London. From small takeaways to fancy high-end dining experiences, there is something in London for everybody.

Meat features prominently in many Turkish restaurants here, with grilled kebabs and mixed platters a plenty. If you love good food then you’ll want to work your way through these seven best Turkish restaurants in London

1. Kazan – Wilton Road

At Kazan they focus on the very best handmade Ottoman indulgence and have a range of dishes that are to die for. Everything comes to the table looking absolutely stunning and is bursting full of flavour.

They do great mezze, salads and eggplant dishes as well as some classic meats. In terms of the ambiance, it’s the sort of place where you can order lots of small plates and get a little bit of the best of everything.

Turkish restaurants in London

2. Hala Restaurant – Harringay

This family-run business opened in 2002 and has been keeping locals well fed for close to two decades now. Their cooking is authentic, packed full of interesting flavours, and relies on the very best of ingredients.

If you want to try something truly unique pop in at breakfast for their “Sucuklu Yumurta” which is a Turkish sausage and egg. It’ll be a meal you’ll not be soon to forget.

Turkish restaurants in London

3. Oklava – Hackney

Oklava specialises in truly modern Turkish cooking that mixes and balances flavours that will be a first for many guests. A great example is their chilli roast cauliflower, which is quite simply one of the best dishes you’ll ever have in London.

Add in a spectacular wine list and this is one of the Turkish restaurants in London. We’re confident that you’ll be coming back here on a regular basis.

4. Fez Mangal – Notting Hill

Fez Mangal is an oasis of sumptuous Turkish cuisine in the heart of Ladbroke Grove where the food is served in a truly spectacular dining room.

What adds to the spectacle of the place is the open kitchen where you can watch skilled chefs preparing your meal. However, many people also opt for the takeaway option which is the ideal treat to take home to a partner or friend.

5. Liman Restaurant

Liman’s menu features dishes from the “Fertile Crescent” to the Levant that are cooked using only the very best sourced ingredients.

The room itself has recently been refurbished and is a wonderful place to unwind with a glass or wine after a hard day. Count on super service, generous portions and a buzzing atmosphere, all of which make this place a must-visit for any hungry eater.

Turkish restaurants in London

6. Somine – Dalston

Somine is a casual Turkish restaurant where they shine all of the spotlight on the seriously quality food they produce.

From kebabs and mezze plates to their quick serve buffet, this is wholesome Turkish food at it’s very best. They keep things simple here, which allows them to craft each dish to perfection.

Turkish restaurants in London

7. Skewd Kitchen – Barnet

Many people have a pre-conceived idea of what Turkish food should taste like. But, this restaurant will change all of your conceptions. Using seriously high-quality ingredients and superbly talented staff, Skewd Kitchen is able to churn out some absolute classic dishes.

A prime example would be their coal-fired watermelon served with smoked simit croutons, tulum cheese and chrushed walnuts. World-class Turkish cooking has never looked or tasted so good.

Turkish restaurants in London

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