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7 US Museums You Can Explore Virtually

Being stuck at home doesn’t mean you have to stop exploring. Beat the coronavirus blues with a virtual tour of some of America’s best museums. From NYC’s MoMA to Kahlo exhibits in Detroit, you can spend the afternoon admiring masterpieces without ever leaving the living room. Here are seven museums you can explore virtually in self-isolation.

US Museums You Can Explore Virtually

1. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) – New York City

The crown jewel of NYC museums, MoMA is now available for exploring online. In 1929, it became the first museum dedicated to modern art and nearly 100 years later is still one of the best. Browse over 2,500 curated MoMA pieces right from home.

2. The J. Paul Getty Museum – Los Angeles

Wander at some of Rembrandt and Van Gogh’s most impressive works with a virtual tour at this LA fave. The virtual tour of The J. Paul Getty Museum features a whopping 16,000 pieces, so you’ll never run out of new pieces to admire.

virtual museum tours

3. The Art Institute of Chicago – Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago is not only one of the US’ most prized museums, but it’s also home to the most extensive permanent collection in the nation. Of it’s more than 260,000 artworks, over 500 of them are available for viewing online. Be sure to take in Mary Cassatt’s The Child’s Bath and then scroll through the sculptor collection.

virtual museum tours

4. Georgia O’Keefe Museum – Santa Fe

One of America’s most loved artists can be admired digitally through the Georgia O’Keefe Museum in Santa Fe. The collection is all about quality over quantity. Admire O’Keefe’s most precious paintings from Above The Clouds 1 and then enjoy Two Pink Shells.

virtual museum tours

5. National Women’s History Museum – Alexandria

Immerse yourself n the plight of women with a virtual tour of Virginia’s National Women’s History Museum. The best part about the digital experience is that NWHM also offers “oral histories” that go beyond the standard virtual viewing.

6. NASA – Virginia and Ohio

Free online tours can be had at Virginia’s Langley Research Center and Glenn Research Center in Ohio. In true cool-scientific form, they even offer an app for more virtual reality experiences. Above all, you’ll feel like a real-life astronaut in no time and forget all about Covid 19.


7. Detroit Institute of Arts – Detroit

Michigan’s Detroit Institute of Arts offers not two, not three, but four online exhibits. Spend the afternoon “strolling” the halls admiring everything from impressionism to realism with a virtual tour. Don’t forget to dive into the Freida Kahlo online exhibit for a great showcasing of the late Mexican artist.

virtual museum tours

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