Vilnius Airport cinema

Vilnius Airport Reinvents Itself As Drive-In Cinema

With limited flights, Vilnius airport has come up with a brilliant way to make use of all their excess space. And no, it’s not to store additional aircraft. They have converted a large section into a drive in outdoor cinema.

The idea is especially smart when you consider that most movie theatres are closed at the moment because of social distancing. So, people can enjoy a movie without coming into contact with others.

Reportedly, this is the first time in history that a drive-in cinema has been set up in an airport apron area; where planes are usually parked, unloaded, refuelled and boarded.

The ‘Aerocinema – The Journey Begins’ project, will run until the end of May and is part of the Vilnius International Film Festival (Vilnius IFF).

Visitors are flocking to the outdoor cinema, where it’s easy abide by strict social distancing measures. Leaving the car is not an option. Hygiene measures also mean that you must make your own snacks at home to bring along with you. No cinema popcorn, but you can’t win them all.

According to Algirdas Ramaška, General Director of Vilnius IFF, people are longing to travel. Aerocinema will offer a new type of travel – through an open-air silver screen.

“Going out onto an airport apron, which is usually only possible to access after check-in, is an exciting experience. I think these screenings will leave an impression on audiences that will last a lifetime.”

Vilnius Airport cinema

Well done to Vilnius airport for coming up with such an innovative idea. We think people all over the world would welcome something similar in their city…

Vilnius Airport cinema

Hopefully travel will return quickly to a new normal but this isn’t a bad alternative for now.

Big 7 Travel Team