best nightlife in los angeles

Where to Find the Best Nightlife in Los Angeles

While Los Angeles does have some of the best nightlife in the US, it’s not necessarily known for its bouncing late nights. But we’re here to tell you that the nightlife in LA can be anything you want it to be. Chilled drinks on a patio terrace, craft beers in a dive bar, cocktails on a rooftop bar – the City of Angels has it all. Here’s where to find the best nightlife in Los Angeles.

Best Nightlife in Los Angeles

1. Downtown LA

Downtown LA has become one of the hottest places in the city for a good night out. It has a little of everything with low-key dive bars, upmarket rooftop bars, and bouncing clubs. It’s a good place to spend the night if you want to go out for dinner, then some casual drinks, then some dancey drinks. Unlike most of LA, Downtown is well connected with good public transport links, which is a huge plus in such a spaced out city.

best nightlife in los angeles

2. West Hollywood

West Hollywood, or WeHo, arguably has the best nightlife in Los Angeles. It’s the epicentre of the city’s LGBTQ+ scene – energetic, quirky, and buzzing. While it is the unofficial gay village, particularly around Santa Monica Boulevard, there are tonnes of bars, lounges, and clubs to discover. You can catch an up-and-coming band at a live music venue, splurge in a fancy club, go along to a drag show, or enjoy a late-night meal – anything goes in WeHo.

3. Silver Lake

Silver Lake is one of Los Angeles’ most exciting, thriving residential neighbourhoods. Given that the city is so spread out, the individual neighbourhoods have to set up and ensure that its residents are having fun. And Silver Lake knows how to cater to its residents. Teeming with live music venues, hipster spots, late-night food trucks, and artsy breweries, Silver Lake is the place to be for those who like the grittier side of Los Angeles.

4. Echo Park

Echo Park is quite close to Silver Lake, although not quite as cutting edge. There are certainly more watering holes in Echo Park, especially in the wine bar variety. Head to Sunset and you’ll be met with a long string of bars, pubs, and restaurants. There are some great live music venues and some not-so-great ones, but isn’t that all part of the fun? Craft beer is big here, so if you’re an ale connoisseur you’ll like it here.

best nightlife in los angeles

5. Koreatown

A night out in Koreatown is always a good one. It’s exciting, vibrant, and good-spirited. The neighbourhood offers a unique blend of historic buildings with flashy, neon-lit modern attractions. Speakeasies are a huge thing here, and of course, there are plenty of flashy dance clubs to whittle the night away. After a few drinks, a visit to one of the many karaoke bars is always a good idea. One of the best things about Koreatown is its food scene. Many establishments are open 24/7, so the party continues in the late-night food venues when you’re grabbing your Korean fried chicken.

best nightlife in los angeles

6. Venice Beach

Venice Beach is the ultimate LA-cool destination. By day, you can take to the waves, relax on the beach, and soak up the sun. By night, the iconic pier lights up into bursts of neon and vibrant colours. It might not be as upmarket and flashy as other places, but Venice Beach has its own charm. The Brig, in particular, has been a Venice Beach institution since it opened in the 1950s. But first thing’s first, any good night out in Venice Beach starts with watching the fiery sunset from the pier.

7. Santa Monica

Santa Monica is another beautiful beach town. Considerably more laidback than say, West Hollywood or Downtown, Santa Monica feels like a different place entirely. The nightlife sprawls out into patios lit up by fairy lights with live music playing wherever you go. It’s a super cool, chilled-out place. But of course, there’s always somewhere to go later on if you fancy something more lively and a bit of a dance.

best nightlife in los angeles

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