World's Most Dangerous Roads

The World’s Most Dangerous Roads

Adventure tourism is on the rise and increasing numbers are seeking out the world’s most dangerous roads as a thrill seeking experience.

We’re not talking about cluttered highways here or roads that are used on a daily basis and dangerous… We are talking about roads that are so extreme, so dangerous and so ludicrous, that they are classed as the world’s most dangerous roads.

You’ll want a serious stomach for heights if you are to take some of these on. You’ll also need an appetite for risk, as driving on these roads can be life threatening in any number of ways.

The world’s most dangerous roads

1. Fairy Meadows Way – Pakistan

Parts of Pakistan are rugged beyond belief and this road which is locally known as “Joot” climbs to over 3000m in spots. Not for the faint hearted.

2. Karnali Highway – Nepal

When you think of Nepal it does tend to conjure up thoughts of seriously high peaks, so there can be no surprise that you’ll find roads like this.

The road is so dangerous that police have banned night time driving and it is especially dangerous in winter months. You’ll find it north-west of Kathmandu.

3. Guoliang Tunnel Road – China

The road is carved out of the side of a mountain and is made to reach the village of Guoliang.

The road was first opened in 1977 and is so spectacular that it has turned both the drive and the village into a beacon for tourists.

4. Road Of Death – Bolivia

This road has been featured in countless TV shows and draws in backpackers and thrill seekers from around the world.

At its highest point it reaches a staggering 4,650 metres. There have been some improvements in recent years but it still sees many yearly deaths.

5. Zoji Pass – India

This is a 280 mile long road between Ladakh and Kashmir that tops 3000 metres at its highest point.

Dangers on the road include landslides and snow in the winter which often makes it completely impassable.

6. The Dalton Highway – Alaska, USA

This road will be familiar to viewers of the TV show Ice Road Truckers. Unlike the other roads on the list it is not the height but rather the wilderness and cold that are the dangers here.

It is a 414-mile stretch of gravel and dirt that runs from the town of Livengood to Prudhoe Bay and through some of Alaska’s most remote wilderness.

7. Karakoram Highway – Pakistan and China

A 800 mile road that is as dangerous as it can be stunningly beautiful in stretches. You will feel as if you are on top of the world with the road topping out at a remarkable 4800m.

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