The World’s First $100,000 Per Night Resort

Look Inside The World’s First $100,000 Per Night Resort

Ever wondered how the other half live? Well, a new private island is about to open (pending some last minute permit issues) that will cost guests $100,000 per night with a three night minimum stay.

The only slight bit of good news about that hefty price tag is that it accommodates up to 48 people.

Banwa island is located south-west of Manila in the Palawan region of the Philippines, widely regarded as the last ecological frontier. The island home is roughly 10 degrees north of the Equator, a location responsible for its enviable year-round temperatures, that rarely dip below 30°C.

The only way to reach the island is by helicopter or sea plane

Fly by private jet from Manila directly to one of the local airports in Palawan and and enjoy a brief helicopter transfer to the island – from either San Vicente (10 minutes) or Puerto Princesa (20 minutes).

Helicopter transfer to the Island

You’ll be able to choose any of the six villas on the island

Naturally, it would be best to bring a few friends to fill them up and possibly cut down on costs – although we imagine that anyone staying here isn’t too worried about the bill. There are three North Facing villas and three South facing villas; so you have your pick of the morning or evening sunshine…

Three North Facing Villas Three South Facing Villas

Banwa Island comes with a full team of private chefs

They’ll cook anything you want, at anytime you want, and there are multiple places around the island that offering stunning dining locations

Stunning Dinning Location $100,000 Per Night Resort

There will be plenty to keep you entertained in the $100,000 per night resort

You are not going to be sitting around bored while you are here. Some of the things that you can do on this private island include…

  • Tennis court
  • Private helicopter tours
  • Water sports
  • Gym
  • Unlimited spa treatments
  • Diving

Tennis Court Water Sports in $100,000 Per Night Resort Unlimited spa treatments Gym in $100,000 Per Night Resort Private Helicopter Tours in $100,000 Per Night Resort

So, all you have to do now is go and find 47 friends to chip in a little over $2,000 each per night and you will be able to enjoy the most expensive and exclusive private resort in the world. Would you splash out on this?

Want to see more about the $100,000 per night resort? You can read all about the island here.

Big 7 Travel Team