48 Hours in Los Cabos

48 Hours In San José del Cabo: A Weekend Guide

San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are very different cities that offer tons of ways to spend a weekend. Spend 48 hours in San José del Cabo to relax and unwind.

The beach destination is quiet and private. Soak in the way rays of sun, wander calm streets filled with art galleries and dine out on fresh, organic produce combined with tasty mezcal cocktails.

How to spend 48 hours in San José del Cabo

Friday Afternoon

Upon arrival in Los Cabos, transfer to your hotel, such as the new Zadun Ritz-Carlton Reserve or Solaz. Both properties are stunning and include suites with private plunge pools, ocean views, butler service and indoor-outdoor showers. Relax on the terrace with your welcome drink before changing into your bathing suit and hitting the pool.

After unwinding from the flight and soaking up some sun, freshen up and head to the bar for an aperitivo. Many hotels will arrange a mezcal tasting or an agave tasting, which includes liquors from all agave plants such as tequila, mezcal and lesser-known varieties like sotol.

It’s sure to knock the stress of flying off before dinner. After a wonderful meal of fresh seafood, cozy up in the plush bed, whisper your troubles to the worry doll waiting for you after turndown and get a good night’s sleep for a full day ahead.

Zadun suite


Get a jump start on the day with a breakfast of authentic Mexican comfort foods like tamales, chilaquiles or huevos rancheros and a glass of green juice. Plan to immerse yourself in local culture by going on an excursion to see the cave paintings. Another good option is to see the whales up close too.

These are full-day activities, so plan a late afternoon or early evening massage when you return. Even a day pass to the spa is worth it for the wonderful facilities.

For dinner, enjoy a leisurely tasting menu to round out the day of local, regional experiences. Options like a Journey Through Baja at Solaz take you through the history of the region with each dish curated to tell the story while presenting some of the best regional bites. Humo at Zadun, however, serves up delicious wood-fired foods by Argentinian Chef Rordigo Torres.

Request a rose petal bath be drawn while you’re at dinner along with a copal incense delivery from your butler. It’s the perfect way to end the day before slipping into a restful night of sleep.

los cabos whale watching

Sunday Morning

Walk the beach one last time in the early morning for a spectacular sunrise and the chance to see sea turtles among other wildlife. After another filling breakfast of tasty Mexican dishes and an iced Horchata coffee, pack you bags and head for the airport.

Mexican breakfast

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