castles to visit in england

7 Beautiful Castles To Visit In England

English history and the royal family is alluring to many, but getting close to the royal or luxury lifestyle might seem far off. Take a tour of English castles instead.

These are the castles to visit in England for a taste of the high life.

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1. Windsor Castle

This royal residence located in Windsor is an incredible castle to tour. Noted for its architecture, the castle dates to the 11th century. Visit with plenty of time to tour the entire home with leisure. The grounds themselves are beautiful too.

2. Dover Castle

This iconic English fortress, Dover castle was the entryway to the empire for nine centuries. Climb the Great Tower, and immerse yourself in a medieval world. Wander the secret wartime tunnels deep within the white cliffs of Dover too.

castles to visit in england

3. Bolsover Castle

Bolsover offers breathtaking views over Derbyshire. Built to entertain, this is a true glimpse at a life of luxury. Walk through lavish rooms and roam the romantic terrace.

castles to visit in england

4. Carisbrooke Castle

Carisbrooke is one of the most romantic castles you can visit, though it was once an Elizabethan artillery fortress and even a prison. Think back to better days when it was a royal summer residence, and meet the well-known donkeys on the castle’s property.

castles to visit in england

5. Middleham Castle

A visit to Middleham Castle is a must while venturing out to the Yorkshire Dales. Learn about its illustrious history, and explore the expansive remains. History buffs will love this expansive place. Go with plenty of time to read and learn.

6. Kenilworth Castle

This castle crosses time from its stint as a medieval fortress to an Elizabethan palace–a 900-year history. Climb the tower built for Queen Elizabeth I and wander the Gatehouse exhibition. Marvel at the place that once hosted early Tudor kings.

7. Tintagel Castle

High above the rugged northern coast of Cornwall. Part of the appealing allure of Tintagel is its tangled history with the legend of King Arthur. Study up on your mythology and English folklore.

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