The 7 Best Bars In Belgrade

Serbia’s capital is well-known for its nightlife. And many of the best bars in Belgrade  live up to their preceding reputation of partying all night and into the morning. Rakia bars, hidden dives, and splashy cocktail scenes provide the perfect place for all types to order a nightcap.

Trying a local spirit and boarding a splav, which is a club on a boat, is a must to fully experience the city. Whether you make it to all of Belgrade’s best bars or just one, visitors are sure to have fun. 

Best bars in BelgradeHow do these rankings work?

1. Rakia Bar

Rakia, a liquor similar to brandy or vodka, is widely made throughout the Balkans. In Belgrade, there is no better place to get your fill or find your favourite than at Rakia Bar. Take a seat and browse the expansive menu, but ask for direction from the waiters too.

Be prepared to stumble out after sampling several of the bottles.

Best bars in Belgrade

2. Monk’s Bar

An eclectic and pet-friendly bar in the city centre Monk’s Bar offers a wide range of drinks. The inviting atmosphere and music-themed art make it one of local’s favourite bars and keep visitors hanging around for a steady night with friends. 

Best bars in Belgrade

3. Blaznavac

For a relaxed drink with food options too, visit the whimsical and vibrant Blaznavac. Coffees are often adorned with foam art and cocktails are made well. But to cool off, order an iced coffee. Frozen coffees come boozy too.

Best bars in Belgrade

4. Bar Central

Visit Bar Central for an exceptionally made drink. Adept bartenders turn out balanced drinks in a sleek, minimalist setting that is popular with the local crowd. For that reason, drop in early before the watering hole gets too busy.

5. Passengers Bar

Passengers Bar is perfect for drinks and a light snack in the city centre. To unwind from the bustle, take a seat on the terrace comfortably set away from foot traffic on the street. 

6. World Traveller’s Club

See if you can find this bar in the bottom of an apartment building in Belgrade’s centre. The bar does have a sign over the door, but guests must ring the doorbell for a waiter to invite you inside.

The World Traveller’s Club is decorated with international influence and contains a courtyard flooded with natural light. Though they serve a wide variety of drinks, try their homemade wine.

7. Splav HotMess

Splavs are clubs on board boats that are docked along the Sava or Danube Rivers and are a must-see Belgrade specialty. Party until the early morning light on this boat decked out with palm trees and a pool for a tropical feel.

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Molly Harris is a freelance travel journalist dividing her time between the United States and the Western Balkans.

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