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7 Of The Best Bars In Dusseldorf

Like many big cities in Europe, Dusseldorf has a great selection of fantastic bars to get your drink on. As one of the bigger financial hubs in Germany, there is no shortage of classy and elegant bars in Dusseldorf.

Check out the seven best bars in Dusseldorf.

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1. Bar Alexander

One of the more relaxing places to sip on a cocktail in Dusseldorf is at Bar Alexander. Your best to come early in the evening before it gets real busy later. While you’re here, soak in the calming ambiance of this bar and the world-class bartenders that are always creating cocktails that will amaze you.

If you’re feeling adventurous get the bartender’s choice, which includes five smaller cocktails from their exclusive menu.

Bar Alexander Dusseldorf

2. Squarebar

Experiment is the name of the game at Squarebar and you should come here expecting to be a surprise with your cocktail. The bartenders here incorporate (random) foods onto your drinks such as burgers, sausages, and pretzels to either confuse the heck out of you or because they know you want a snack with your drink.

In any event, come for an experiment or two at Squarebar!

Squarebar Dusseldorf

3. Beuys Bar

Named after German performance artist Joseph Beuys, Beuys Bar is a modern bar that serves up a wide variety of cocktails. This bar can get quite lively and the bartenders love to experiment with their cocktails here. If you’re a fan of bourbon, this just might be the place for you.

One of their popular cocktails here is the Finest Smash, which a mix of bourbon, red wine, lemon, mint, and chartreuse. A weird but tasty combination!

Beuys Bar

4. Elephant Bar

Maybe one of the best vintage vibe bars in Dusseldorf is Elephant Bar. With a slick 1970s vibe with their neon sign and velvet velour bar stool seats, this bar also serves a ton of fabulous classic cocktails here too.

Got a craving for gin? Elephant Bar has got you with a massive selection of gin cocktails here.

Elephant Bar

5. LiQ Bar

For a bar with immense character, you’ll find that at LiQ Bar. From the iconic Rolling Stones lips image that hangs above the bar to the dapper-looking bartenders, this bar brings the charm and the tasty cocktails.

If you have to swing by one Dusseldorf bar and you’re looking for a great time, come to LiQ Bar.

LiQ Bar

6. Ellington

Ellington is an elegant speakeasy bar in Dusseldorf that serves some of the best cocktails in Dusseldorf. Their cocktails are boosted by the use of premium liquors that are then perfectly hand-crafted to give you a strong and tasty beverage.

Sit back and relax in this relaxing and lightly lit bar and enjoy your favourite cocktail here at Ellington.

Ellington Dusseldorf

7. Mojito’s

As the name suggests, your bound to find a mojito to your liking at Mojito’s. Obviously specialising in mojito cocktails, they also serve up other cocktails here as well. With a heavy Cuban flair here, the drinks and vibe here are lively and fun.

Let’s face it, you’re came to Mojito’s for a mojito so choose one of their signature mojitos!

Mojito's Dusseldorf

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